After numerous suggestions from outdoor suppliers, Camping for Women started publishing reviews for its readers and subscribers.

Here is a list of reviews of products we have undertaken with a number of others on the way…

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The Airbedz XUV Mattress - a comfy pup

The Airbedz XUV Mattress – Comfort and Ease for Sleeping In Your Car

By Sara Baird Pittman Outdoors designs mattresses for a wide range of circumstances. James Pittman, the owner was inspired to design the AirBedz mattress by uncomfortable nights spent on a regular air mattress in the back of his truck. I was excited by the chance to review one of the mattresses in their catalog. Airbedz mattresses come in many shapes and sizes making the decision difficult. My choices included mattresses that would fit in the back seat of our pickup, in the box of the pickup, or the back of my Outback. I’ve never camped in my vehicle on purpose but have migrated to my car on nights with questionable weather and often if I’m tenting it alone. Due to this, I have wondered if I should just plan on sleeping in my vehicle at times. When camping with our kids when they were younger the car was often a ...
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My Beannie Sleeper

The Beanie Sleeper – Because Everyone Wants a Warm and Dark Night’s Sleep

By Sara Baird One of the things I love about camping is a dark and quiet beautiful night’s sleep. A few years ago I was so excited for a Memorial Day tenting trip, I had big plans for a deep night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for sleep, there was the most amazing full moon that weekend and it never got dark. I remember lying awake all night wishing I had a sleep mask along. When asked to try out the Beanie Sleeper I immediately thought of this night. I normally sleep in a hat both when camper and tent camping in the spring and fall as the nights are still cold. This could be a great combo. What is the Beanie Sleeper? The Beanie Sleeper was dreamed up while the creator, Ben, was in the hospital dealing with a cold head and a busy room. It is made of soft cotton fleece ...
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Land Film Review

Land Film Review: Camping for Women

By Sara Baird I’m a mom teetering at the edge of an empty nest. As I’ve seen my kids grow up and become independent humans making it on their own, I’ve often found myself holding tighter to the one I still have at home and my spouse and to sometimes consider the unimaginable. How would I even cope if I lost them? Land tells the story of two individuals who are faced with the harsh life-changing reality of the loss of their entire family and their quest for survival in the life they are left with. This film will tear at the emotions of anyone who has ever considered what they would do when faced with the ultimate loss while offering the hope of resiliency built through the power of the outdoors and human connection. Land is the directorial debut of Golden Globe-winning actress Robin Wright who both directs and ...
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Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack

Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack – A Lower Price Quality Choice

By Sara Baird When shopping for hiking and camping equipment I am always torn between more expensive brands with all the bells and whistles and lower-priced packs with less. The Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack is a pack with a lower price tag that still comes with plenty of features to serve your needs. The pack arrived just in time to fill it up and bring it along on a winter hike with my husband and son. This pack is an 18-litter pack made to carry a 2-liter water bladder; the water bladder comes with it. Trying it Out Each fall and early winter I need to find new hiking partners since my husband and son are off hunting, I just can’t bring myself to hunt. This year with Covid restrictions around gathering with people outside our household I didn’t have any hiking partners. I mean even the dog was ...
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Quality and comfort. Just love Isobaa Clothing!

Isobaa Clothing – Beautiful, Comfortable, and a Quality Ecological Choice

By Sara Baird Every time we purchase a product, we have the chance to pause and consider the ecological impact of our purchase. In our busy lives, this can be yet another overwhelming factor to consider. I would like to say I am always aware and make the best choice I can but I definitely can do better on this front. When I received the request to review some products from Isobaa clothing, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out products from a company with high standards when it comes to reducing their ecological impact. Isobaa produces merino clothing designed for active lifestyles from ethically-sourced and Non-mulesed merino wool. They market the clothing by highlighting the odor-free and biodegradable properties of merino wool that allow people to wear the clothing longer and wash them less. They sent me two beautiful t-shirts and a hoodie to try out ...
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Custom Envy Blanket

My Custom Envy Blanket Review

By Jessica Shouse As a nature & landscape photographer, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review a neat new company, Custom Envy, which you can check out at Here you can easily create your own high-quality custom photo products. You can choose from phone cases, blankets, drink tumblers, mugs, towels, journals, notebooks, clocks, and canvas prints. As I was exploring the website, I created previews of several of the products using several of my photos. My favorite were the phone case and the notebook. Any of the Customized products would make great gifts any time of year. Ordering is very user friendly. Simply select the product you wish to customize, upload your photo, preview your product, make any adjustment and order. Shipping was quick and the customer service top-notch. I was sent updates regarding my order throughout the entire process. My Custom Envy Blanket For my review, ...
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DermRollers Review

Improving your skin for the outdoors: DermRollers Review

By Jessica Shouse My experience and DermRollers Review You may have heard of microneedling. This noninvasive skincare routine “heals and restores skin by creating microscopic punctures on its surface, thereby stimulating the production of elastin and collagen and boosting the body’s natural healing response.” The new second-generation DermRoller is available now at “DermRollers was founded by a dermatologist and a holistic health enthusiast when they discovered what they called the “Holy Grail” of skincare. This groundbreaking practice, which they termed microneedling, was a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical method for drastically improving skin quality.” I was keen to try this out and undertook to do a DermRollers review. As an avid outdoor adventure seeker, my skin, especially my face, is subjected to all the elements. Sun, dirt, wind, snow, I play in it all. My DermRoller has become my way of bringing some life back into my skin. I had the ...
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Pits and Bits

Pits and Bits Waterless cleaning solutions!

Pits and Bits® is the best way to wash when water isn't easily available. All Pits & Bits® use Waterless Limited's unique Towel Off® Technology to provide soft clean skin & hair wherever you are. Available in a range of sizes and ideal for post-race washing, camping, sports, and outdoor pursuits.” -Pits and Bits website quote: My review of Pits and Bits By Samantha Kent In the modern age of COVID-19 and the need to clean and wash on the go, a product has found a wider audience. Generally marketed towards hikers, Festival-goers, campers, and general outdoorsy folk, the pandemic has opened up the appeal of this much more. Pits and Bits is a waterless solution to help keep you clean when you are on the go. It’s paraben and Alcohol-free, giving you an alternative to regular hand sanitizers that can become quite drying on the skin when used ...
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all four bags in front of the tent

A Review of the Pillowpak

By Jessica Shouse If you are looking for a new, super versatile on the go bag, the Pillowpak is it! “The World’s first travel bag centered around your pillow.” With a 3-day travel capacity Pillowpak was designed with the entire family in mind. “Born from the idea that home is where you pack it, Pillowpak is designed to accommodate a range of needs. Lightweight, expandable and multi-functional.” Perfect for your next overnight camping trip, business trip, girl's night or the kids next soccer game. There is more than enough space to pack all your essentials. Pillowpak is compact enough you can use it as a carry-on bag, avoiding those pesky bag fees. While the designers had packing a pillow in mind, the Pillowpak’s multiple compartments allow for organization of clothes, winter gear, sports equipment, personal electronics, and most anything else you need to bring along on your next adventure or ...
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Poo Bags

Emergency Paper Poo Bags Reviewed

Poo Bags: Remove the Taboo from needing a poo. By Samantha Kent It’s an age-old saying “Does a bear s**t in the woods?” but the thing is sometimes it’s not just bears… Sometimes it’s not even the woods! As a children’s book so eloquently puts it “Everybody poops”. One thing the old saying nor the children’s book cover explains is… What to do, when you need to poo…. Yet there is no loo! This is where the emergency poo bags come in! The first thing I want to talk about with these bags is how funny they are. The art by Jenny Dack from Overt Design is funny and definitely a good talking point for anyone who may come across them. My favourite has to be the one with the bear captioned, “What would a Bear do?” My next favourite is “Don’t Lose your Sh!t”  But the other two designs ...
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Outbright camping pillow bag

Review of the Outbright Camping Pillow

By Jessica Shouse The Outbright Camping rest we got on my recent trip I was thrilled to hear Outbright, the makers of the amazing Camping Lantern recently reviewed here on Camping For Women are now offering a Camping Pillow. I was given the opportunity to test out the Outbright Camping Pillow on a recent camping trip with my Mother and 8-year-old son along the Blue River in Summit County, Colorado. I was yet again very impressed! The product is super lightweight and came in a compact little bag. This makes for easy travel and storage. It even includes a nice little sachet of relaxing lavender that smells simply amazing! When unpacked, the pillow itself is 12 in x 16 in. It is made of compressible memory foam. Nice and squishy, just the way I like it. The bamboo cover is super soft, easily removeable and washable. I love that you ...
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Colorado Aromatics products

Skin Care with Colorado Aromatics

By Sara Baird Excellent Sensory Experience with No Fuss When I was asked to review products from Colorado Aromatics, including a knuckle balm, I hesitated. I can’t say that I diligently use beauty products but I only had to give my hands a quick glance to say sure. As a teacher in the midst of flu season with news of Covid-19 just emerging, my over-washed and sanitized hands were a mess and I was hoping for some relief. Colorado Aromatics designs skincare products using herbs from their certified naturally grown farm to address the skincare needs caused by Colorado’s climate. They sent me the Knuckle Balm, Meadow Mist Face Cleaner, Razz Tightening Serum, and Springtide Gold Rejuvenating Face Cream to try out. What is Special about Colorado Aromatics Products? The products arrived wrapped in tissue paper with documents explaining the use and ingredients of each product. Dr. Cindy Jones, the ...
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Spouti – Review of new STP Device for Women

My experience and review By Samantha Kent With my disability, I have had to learn very quickly the importance of being free to pee. Quite often I find disabled facilities lacking in many areas so a few years ago I began looking into STP devices. STP Stands for Stand to Pee although with my use that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to stand. Some of the devices on the market are internal. A little-known fact about the bladder is that its own system is very sensitive and is not good with coping with foreign bodies and is very susceptible to infection. I have used catheters for a few years now but sometimes if I’m not in retention I enjoy the satisfaction of relieving my self naturally. Catheters take that simple basic satisfaction from you! Other STP devices on the market are external and are like a shaped funnel, the bad ...
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How To Be Cozy On the Go - The Mozy

How To Be Cozy On the Go – The Mozy

By Sara Baird There are many reasons I love living in Minnesota, one is that I could probably list wrapping up in a blanket as a favorite hobby and Minnesota’s climate means that many days are blanket days. I was intrigued when asked to review the Mozy, which is a wearable blanket designed to be worn outdoors and allow mobility. Is it a blanket that I could actually wear camping or would it prove to be the same hassle as trying to bring a blanket outdoors? The Mozy arrived in a beautiful package that showed the care taken in designing a product designed for comfort. When I unpacked it I was thrilled to see that I had a patch designed just for the outdoors. I was working from home in my unbelievable cold basement and threw it around my waist right way. I fell in love as it took away ...
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Review of the Outbright Camping Lantern

By Jessica Shouse When I took my new Outbright Camping Lantern on my last camping trip I fell in love! This super-compact lantern is the perfect light for your next backpacking, family camping or boating trip. As dusk set in and I started to wind down for the night I pulled out the lantern and set it atop the table. It provided just the right amount of light I needed to get my campfire started. Once my fire was going, I grabbed my favorite book and kicked back in my favorite camp chair. Again, perfect lighting. After enjoying the warmth & crackling of the fire for a couple of hours I headed into my tent for the night. Once settled, I hung the light from the top of my tent using the neat little hook that snaps out from the bottom side of the lantern and continued enjoying my book ...
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The Bitty Big Q Portable Grill – Know Where Your Cooking Grate Has Been

By Sara Baird Cooking over a campfire is always an adventure. One part of the adventure I’ve always worried about is using the grates provided at campsites when I have no idea how the last campers used it. When I was asked to review the Bitty Big Q camping grill, I saw an easily portable solution to the gross grate problem. The Bitty Big Q is a foldable grill designed by Yehs Innovations Inc. in Ontario, Canada. This grill is made with 316 stainless steel, a corrosion resistance food-safe steel, for longevity. Its one-piece design folds into a 6.70″ x 3.46″ x 3.43″ rectangle and opens up to provide 160 square inches of cooking area. It also comes with a carrying pouch for storage and a cleaning tool. We had a lot of fun with this grill before we even got it to a campfire. It makes a great fidget ...
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A Review of The Windtamer – Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

By Sara Baird My son has said since he was little that “everything tastes better when you are camping”. I agree, there is just something about eating your meal outdoors in all kinds of weather that improves the flavor of everything. As the head chef of our camping expeditions, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges in preparing our meals. I’m an enthusiastic cook and I’ve never shied away from cooking for my family no matter where my current kitchen is located. Even at home, I’ve logged many hours on our camp stove through kitchen remodeling projects. With this in mind, I was excited for the opportunity to try out the Windtamer to see how it would impact my outdoor cooking endeavors. What is the Windtamer? The Windtamer is essentially a tent that encloses your camp stove. It will keep your food dry, block wind, and hold the heat in ...
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No Box Tools Bell Tent Review

No Box Tools Bell Tent Review

By Sara Baird My family spent every possible day Minnesota weather allowed at our rustic one-room lake cabin. Because the cabin was so small tents became our bedrooms. This tradition continued as my sisters and I became parents, just expanding the number of tent bedrooms needed. In addition to our time at the lake, we thoroughly enjoyed campouts in state and national parks and wilderness trips. While we just upgraded to a 5th wheel for most of our camping needs I still love to spend the night in a tent, so I was excited by the request to try out No Box Tools Bell Tent. This tent did arrive in a box. No Box Tools creates products meant to inspire people to live outside the box. I was excited to try it out as soon as it arrived, unfortunately, we were buckling down for a January blizzard. This tent is ...
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No Box Single Folding Knife

No Box Single Folding Knife Review

By Sara Baird I exist within a family of campers, wilderness seekers, Boy Scouts, and hunters. It can be said that we are a family that knows the value of a good pocket knife. So much so, pocket knives are frequently gifted for holidays and special occasions. As our children grew into teens and began seeking their own adventures, we found we needed an ample supply of pocket knives to quickly replace the knives lost to a lake, left behind at a campsite, or handed over to TSA. With this in mind, I jumped at the opportunity to review the No Box Single Folding Knife. No Box Tools According to the No Box website,, No Box Tool’s mission is to live outside the box. It was founded by a group of people who aspire to live their lives outside the box and to make the products that they use ...
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sleeping pad and bag

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad and Bag Review

By Jessica Shouse If you are a lover of camping or backpacking having a good sleep system sleeping pad and bag, can make the difference between a long, cold night and a cozy, warm one. The OutdoorsmanLab UL Camping Sleeping Pad and Mummy Sleeping Bag sleep system come highly recommended for your next family camping trip or your next multi-week long thru-hike. I had the opportunity to test both products on a recent, solo fall camping trip up in the pine tree-filled hills of Colorado, just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. “OutdoorsmanLab is founded with a scientific spirit and a lofty mission: to offer innovative, well-made, and high-performance outdoor gear at a revolutionary price.” OutdoorsmanLab was started as an alternative to high priced, big brands and large, big-box retailers. The founders believe getting outdoors should be easy, fun, relaxing and recharging and not leave you broke, having spent all ...
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XFyro Wireless and Waterproof Earbuds

XFyro Wireless and Waterproof Earbuds

By Sara Baird While my goal for spending time outdoors is to disconnect, sometimes I need to entertain myself through boring yard work, or just gab with a friend while getting in some outdoor time. I was happy to test out the XFyro Wireless and Waterproof Earbuds for this task. The earbuds arrived in a small box that contained the earbuds, the charging case, three sets of earpieces in different sizes, a USB charging cord and a tiny little instruction manual. The right earbud was charged and connected to my phone with no issues. The left one was good to go after an overnight charge. I gave up on the tiny little instruction manual and utilized the expertise of my teen to figure out all the easy to use features like tap to play and pause and volume changing. I took advantage of the built-in mic to catch up with ...
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Sombrilla Ranch 6

Sombrilla Ranch Retreat Review

Experiencing Sombrilla Ranch, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA. By Jessica Shouse I was thrilled when I first received the email from Nicole of with the opportunity to go to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and review a new Glamping getaway spot. The Pagosa area had been on my Colorado travel bucket list for quite some time. After a few email exchanges, the opportunity evolved into a giveaway for the first-ever, Women’s Glamping Retreat at The Barn on Sombrilla Ranch. The Barn on Sombrilla Ranch sits on a sprawling 500 acre, fully operating, cattle ranch just outside of Pagosa Springs, Colorado; about 5 hours southwest of Denver. Sandlin Reed Niccum is the 100% all American, powerhouse woman owner/operator of the ranch. Sandlin comes to Pagosa from the Austin, Texas area. Sandlin’s family has a strong history in the ranching business. Sandlin’s Mother passed away a couple of years ago and had always dreamed ...
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Wolf'em Sticks 2

Camping Test of the new Wolf’em Sticks

Wolf’em Sticks are a new, fun and effective way of cooking over a campfire. By Jessica Shouse One of my favorite things about Summer is camping and one of my favorite things about camping is hanging out with family & friends around the campfire. Roasting smores & cooking over the fire is a favorite past time. I was recently introduced to a new product that takes on a new twist on this classic outdoor activity, Wolf’em Sticks. I had the opportunity to test them out on our recent Spring Break trip to Moab. They did not disappoint. We wolfed down lots of yummy treats during our review! Wolf’em Sticks were invented by brothers from South Jordan, Utah as a project for an entrepreneurship class. I’d say the boys knocked the project out of the park! The brothers created the Wolf'em Stick because they wanted to help friends and families experience ...
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Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals 1

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals Review

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals are definitely an easy and tasty solution when out on the trails. By Jessica Shouse Good tasting and good for you, easy to prepare, lightweight meals for outdoor activities like backpacking can be hard to come by, in my opinion. I am not a fan of your typical dehydrated meal... I was recently introduced to Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals, ”food for the modern wanderer”. Nomad makes delicious and energy-packed meals for all types of adventure lovers using the REVdry process. “This uses more efficient low-temperature drying, that is rapid, removes 98% of moisture and locks in the nutrients, taste, smell and texture of the food. This is revolutionary drying technology because no chemicals, no preservatives, and no artificial colors are required to prepare the meals.” I was very impressed to learn about their process and am excited to try all the varieties. “Born in the mountain ...
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Solo New York Backpacks 3

Dear Natalie: Try Solo New York Backpacks

Solo New York Backpacks Review By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, Any suggestions on how to best schlep my stuff around town on a regular basis? Sincerely, My Back Hurts _______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Achy Back, I always regret the carry-on I choose when I travel. I can never seem to choose correctly. I have a tendency to pick a bag I think will be easy – “Why not just shove everything in this tote?” – and later realizing on the airplane that it is, in fact, terribly inconvenient. I’m starting to believe that somewhere in my subconscious, I actually enjoy unloading everything from my carry-on bag, with 2x2 centimeters of personal space, without jostling or touching or breathing upon the person next to me, just so I can find a pen. Oh! And that’s all assuming I made it to the plane without developing scoliosis. “I’ll just use this tote,” I think; ...
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Review of Moon USA National Parks

Moon USA National Parks By Jessica Shouse The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks America’s National Park System is made up of 59 unique parks across the country. Whether you’re searching for extreme adventure, seeking peaceful solitude or planning a family vacation, the National Park System has something for everyone. It most certainly can be overwhelming to choose what park to visit, when to visit, and what not to miss during a visit. There are 1000’s of guide books out there to assist you in planning your trip to any of the 59 National Parks across the country. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I even start?” The definitive new guide, Moon USA National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks by long-time National Park advocate and former guide, Becky Lomax, comes highly recommended. Lomax kicks off the guide with a short, but stunning introduction and tribute to ...
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P-Rite 3

Dear Natalie Try the P-Rite

By Natalie McCarthy   Dear Natalie, I am a bit uncomfortable taking a wee outdoors. Is there any hope for it ever getting easier? Sincerely, Wobbly whizzer ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear WW, There are people whose physical constitution enables them to side-step many uncomfortable bathroom situations. These people do not know the panic of opening their floodgates, only to realize they’re squatting over a clump of poison oak. These people have never had the harrowing experience of retreating to what they thought was a secluded grove, exposing their full moon, and then hearing the nearby chitter and shuffle of a trekking troop of Boy Scouts. These people have never hovered precariously over the World’s Grossest Latrine™. (Side note: That is not an actual trademark, as far as I know, but perhaps it should be – I guarantee we have all encountered this terrible toilet somewhere in our travels.) I was once terrorized ...
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cooler backpack 4

Dear Natalie: Try Outxe’s Cooler Backpack

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, I can’t stand coolers. They’re difficult to lug to campsites, and even walking from the parking lot to the picnic spot is a hassle. They’re inevitably always red or blue, with a flimsy plastic handle, and the lids often get stuck. I have about three gathering dust in my pantry right now. With so much technological innovation in other fields, why has the cooler industry lagged behind? Do we have any other options? Sincerely, Coolers aren’t cool ____________________________________________________________________ Dear CaC, I agree. Coolers aren’t cool at all. In fact, recent scientific studies show that 91% of people carrying a “Li’l Playmate” cooler look like total doofuses. And you’re right – the flimsy plastic handle is not conducive to easy carrying. Like, at all. Like, it’s so unconducive, this teensy box that fits two beers and a sleeve of crackers requires handling by two adult humans, ...
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Reviews 9

Dear Natalie: Try No Bugs Insect Repellant Products

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, I love spending time outdoors, but I don’t love insects. I’ve considered dropping an insecticide bomb on my entire region, but I heard that was a criminal offense. Do you have any ideas? Help! Bitten and Itchy ___________________________________________________________________________ Dear B & I, It’s so strange how local governments generally frown upon the use of wide-scale chemical insect repellants. Oh, it’s fine when they do it, but when I’m trying to hold a five-year-old’s birthday party in the park and keep the kids from getting West Nile, it’s “a felony” and “subject to a $10,000 fine and five years in prison.” Anyway, it’s lucky that we have options. Of course there are the typical topical products, like bug spray and ointment, and those tend to work decently. They also tend to wear off over time, especially if you’re sweating. Plus, they have a particular – how ...
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pocket cocktail

Dear Natalie: Try a Pocket Cocktail

  By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, Okay so – like – okay but have I told you that I love you? Oh my GOSH, this song is my JAM! Come dance with me. Come on. Come on. Karaoke? Come on. Ugh, why are you always so borrrrrring? Oh, look, tacos! Wait, like, but have you thought, like, ummmm… … …Huh? Oh we leave now? How come? No! I don’t want to go home! Wait, where is my left shoe? Oh hey, did we meet yet? I’m not drunk, I swear. Kind of. *burp* _____________________________________________________________________ Dear Boozy, What the hell… ? Anyway, so I know that many of you hail from regions known for producing delicious wines, tasty beers, and liquors that taste like nectar. I know you, dear people, can appreciate a good drink in celebration of a feat. This, my friends, is why I sometimes slip into my backpack ...
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Kuhl apparel

Dear Natalie: Try Kühl Apparel

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, I’ve heard there are people who hike, bike, and otherwise adventure wearing only their birthday suit. I, however, prefer to be clothed. What do you think about trying out the Kühl clothing line? Signed, Not Enough Sunscreen _____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear NES, For those of us who are a bit too modest to venture outdoors in the buff, Kühl offers a nice alternative: pants, shorts, skirts/skorts, shirts, outerwear, and accessories made for the outdoors. This Salt Lake City-based company uses state of the art design and innovative fabrics to create comfortable and useful adventure-wear. Kühl – which, by the way, is the German word for “cool” – has won awards for their clothing design. They integrate ergonomic principles into each item to ensure it actually works for outdoor adventuring. It helps, too, that their items don’t just move well; they also look stylish! Beyond their designs, Kühl ...
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Epic Wipes

Dear Natalie: Try Epic Wipes

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, What if I’m out exploring, I get super gross, and I can’t shower? It’s embarrassing to be stinky! Signed, Someone whose personal hygiene is at stake ____________________________________________ Dear Stinky Pants, Well, we have a few options: Get comfortable with your primal lack of hygiene. - While it might take some intense mental effort, you could always shift your view of hygiene and modern conveniences like “running water” and “shampoo” and “avoiding cholera.” Hell, our caveman ancestors didn’t have any volume-enhancing, extra hydrating, silk-essenced, two-in-one body lather and hair cleanser, did they? Attempt to bathe with a combination of three ounces of water, a Nalgene bottle, and the corner of a bandana. - Don’t act like you haven’t tried this already. You have, and you determined it is a waste of good drinking water. Epic Wipes. What are Epic Wipes, you ask? Think of a giant ...
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Brooks England Strand Bag 1

Dear Natalie Try the Brooks England Strand Bag

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, Let’s say I’m trying to ride a bike and carry stuff at the same time. What do I do? Signed, Trying to Grow Additional Arms ________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear TGAA, Certainly, you realize that you aren’t a Chia Pet. You cannot, simply by will, sprout new appendages. However, I do have compassion for your plight. This is a question as old as mankind: “How can I load as much stuff onto my person at one time without becoming a moving garbage pile and/or compromising my stability and injuring myself?” Of course, back in olden times, our ancestors were carrying, like, jaguar skulls and misshapen root vegetables. You, nowadays, carry several tiny computers and a wad of high-tech water repellent gym clothes. Same-same. Anyway, I found a genius solution to this dilemma: The Brooks England line of bicycle bags. First off, even their company name sounds sophisticated, doesn’t ...
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Sunski Glasses 2

Dear Natalie: Try Sunski Glasses

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, What are your thoughts on Sunski’s sunglasses? Signed, Humans who have eyeballs ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Eyeball Owners, By now, it’s probably evident that I try to give well-rounded reviews. It’s important to me that I present all the sides of a product, so you can make an informed decision about its usefulness in your life. And now that I’ve offered you that reminder of my intentions, let me say this about Sunski recycled frame sunglasses: These are the best freakin’ pair of sunglasses I’ve ever worn, ever. My friend saw them in a special compartment in my car. She reached for them, vulgarly prying open the microfiber pouch they come in. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “Let me see—” “You shall not!” I bellowed, ripping the glasses from her dirty, thieving, probably super bacterial hands. “Go online! Look at them there! Don’t bend the frames! Stop breathing on ...
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Outxes Rugged Power Bank 2

Dear Natalie: Try Outxes Rugged Power Bank

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, Word on the street is that Outxe sent you another product. What did you think? Signed, Someone whose phone is at 2% battery ________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Someone – wait a second. Who lets their phone get to 2%? Seriously, man. That’s just negligent. Anyway, yes, Outxe kindly sent me their rugged power bank – actually, the 9,622nd rugged power bank they’ve shipped this year (a cute little thank you card came inside the box informing me of this fun fact!). Maybe you should receive number 9,623, since you seem to treat your phone’s charge with such brazen disregard. But seriously – if you’re as hypervigilant about maintaining a charge as I am, you will adore this power bank. Given how rugged and useful Outxe’s line is, I’m not surprised so many of these bad boys have been shipped across the world. They’re popular – and photogenic! ...
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Urban Canairie Hat

Dear Natalie: Try the Urban Canairie Hat

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, What are your thoughts on Urban Canairie’s outdoor hats? Signed, You all, because you like covering your head __________________________________________________________________ Dear friends, I’m going to be honest with you: Getting gifts in the mail is really, really great. I mean, it exceeds the typical daily level of greatness; it is a special degree of great. And since I’m pretty excitable anyway, you can imagine my joy when a gift box arrived on my doorstep, all the way from the Canadian Frontier, where bear rugs still growl and the winters make girls into women. Inside the box were two caps from Urban Canairie, an outfitter specializing in outdoor headgear. I was looking forward to trying the Urban Canairie Hat and Cap. Mark Freeman, the company founder, sent me two of his specially vented caps, along with a kind, personalized note. One of the caps was the Arctic Stone ...
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Outxe 3-in-1 Rugged Lantern 1

Dear Natalie: Try The Outxe 3-in-1 Rugged Lantern

By Natalie McCarthy Dear Natalie, What are your thoughts on the Outxe 3-in-1 Rugged Lantern? Signed, You all, because you want to know about this! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear friends, I have to admit something: I am not dainty. I know that’s probably shocking, so I’ll give you a minute to recompose yourselves. (Patiently waiting.) Okay. Now that we’ve established that, I’ll continue. Moving about the world like an ox means that I need gear that doesn’t require kid gloves and raised pinky fingers. Enter Outxe’s Rugged 3-in-1 Lantern. The folks at Outxe sent me a lantern to honestly review for you all, and I’m happy to report that it has, thus far, withstood my Sasquatch-like rough handling in the outdoors. But let’s back up. Let me tell you a little more about this product. It is a flashlight, lantern, USB power bank, magnet, and emergency beacon, all packed into a unit ...
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And here is a video by Natalie McCarthy of “Ask Natalie” where she reviews the contents of a Scout Box subscription as she unboxes and reveals what’s inside:



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