Why do you need to go fishing with your kids?

Why do you need to go fishing with your kids 1

By Demi Rose

Do you need to have fun with your kids? Are you looking for the best, memorable and breathe activity to indulge in? Well, just take your kids fishing and you will surely like the idea. This is a golden activity that every kid will cherish and appreciate forever.

Fishing is less expensive compared to other fun activities for kids. It is a great recreational activity with extreme fun and learning. Besides, you will have the most quality time together. The key thing to note is that you read more

Backcountry Camping for better health

Backcountry Camping 1

How Backcountry Camping can decrease Stress, Pain, and Renew your Appreciation for Life.

By Amy Fahlman

Overworked, overstressed, not enough hours in a day, responsible for too many tasks, projects, or people? As a physiotherapist, I commonly encounter how a high demand, high distraction lifestyle manifests not only as mental anguish but physical pain. However, recent research has shown you can actually reverse these negative effects by spending time immersed in nature. This is why I love backcountry camping – to routinely unplug from devices and reconnect with oneself. Here read more

Tips to Prepare for Fishing from a Boat

Fishing 1

By Jameesa Alvin


Preparation begins well before your hit in the water and involves everything from normal boat repair to servicing rods and checking all your terminal tools. Essentially, you should undergo a complete check of everything; test your engine, check the battery and electronics are working, and rods are performing well among other things.

How regularly do you see someone at the edge of the water with engine failure or your friend, who realizes that his/her rod has gone just as he/she read more

Know Your Knots Infographic

Know your knots 1

By Sarah Brown

Making Effective Knots Made Simple

Feel like you are all thumbs when it comes to doing knots? You are definitely not alone!

As outdoor enthusiasts, we all know that we need to do knots with our ropes for everything from camping to fishing and survival. It is obviously important when out in the wilderness to ‘know your knots’.

First of all we all wish we knew more about doing effective knots. Often knowing which knot to use for each situation can be a challenge. Which knot is best for which situation?

The read more

6 Essential Fishing Tips for Beginners

fishing tips

By Shelby Kisgen

One of the most peaceful ways to become in tune with nature is to sit on the river bank and watch the flowing water. A way to enjoy water that is not only peaceful but also entertaining, and sometimes delicious, is through fishing. Could use a few fishing tips? Read on…

Whether at the edge of a pond, in the middle of a lake, or on a protruding rock surrounded by a rushing river, fishing is a fun challenge to occupy yourself with while camping. If you are new to fishing, read more

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