Shelby Kisgen, Contributor

Shelby Kisgen

Shelby Kisgen

Nature Enthusiast, Camper, Hiker, Author, Blogger

Powell, Wyoming, USA

Shelby Kisgen is an experienced camper and hiker from Wyoming, USA. She is a true nature enthusiast who enjoys sharing her experiences through freelance writing in her first blog:

When she is not enjoying the great outdoors she is duelling her husband in tennis, eating, or reading a book.

Shelby was the first of many to write articles for the Camping for Women website.

She just loves to combine her love of the outdoors with her passion for writing.



Contributions to Camping for Women




Short video summarizing Shelby’s Contributions:


Find more of Shelby’s writing work on her website:

Or take a look at her adventure blog: 

Readers can also connect with Shelby on social media:

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