5 Reasons to Escape to Tuxbury Tiny House Village

Tuxbury Tiny House Village

Looking for a unique, fun New England getaway? Head to the Tuxbury Tiny House Village in beautiful South Hampton, New Hampshire.

By Kimberly Fisher

Located in a quaint little corner of New England, USA, escape from city life and explore the tiny house living. Here are 5 great reasons to explore Tuxbury Tiny House Village:

1.) The Tiny Houses

The Tuxbury Tiny House Village is a cute collection of read more

Sombrilla Ranch Retreat Review

Sombrilla Ranch 6

Experiencing Sombrilla Ranch, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA.

By Jessica Shouse

I was thrilled when I first received the email from Nicole of campingforwomen.com with the opportunity to go to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and review a new Glamping getaway spot. The Pagosa area had been on my Colorado travel bucket list for quite some time. After a few email exchanges, the opportunity evolved into a giveaway for the first-ever, Women’s Glamping Retreat at The Barn on Sombrilla Ranch.

The Barn on Sombrilla Ranch sits on a sprawling 500 acre, fully operating, read more

Fun Camping Bridal Shower Ideas

By Janey Velasco

Let’s face it, not everyone wants a Paris themed bridal shower. Sometimes embracing a favorite childhood memory or activity can be the magical theme every bridal shower needs. Whether you met your lifelong best friends at summer camp, simply love the outdoors or the annual glamping with the girls is your mojo, a camping themed bridal shower could beat the Paris cliche anytime.

To help put together the perfect camping or glamping bridal shower, we compiled a few fun ideas that read more

Glamping Around the World – 8 great options

Glamping Around the World: 8 Fabulous Places You Don't Want to Miss

Glamping Around the World: 8 Fabulous Places You Don’t Want to Miss

By Kimberly Fisher

There is something to be said about being immersed in nature, feeling the cool breeze on your face and admiring panoramic serene views. Mix it in with luxe accommodations, and you have the recipe for a trip of a lifetime.

“Glamping” is a term coined for “Glamorous Camping”, and several places around the world have taken to glamping and providing the utmost comfort, glamour and diverse accommodations. read more

Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy

Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy 1

By Alessia Morello

The best tree houses to sleep in while in Italy

If you’ve always wandered to sleep in a tree house surrounded by meters and meters of snow … now is the time! Who doesn’t love an Amazing Tree House?

The United States has been the forerunners of this wonderful idea and even Italy in recent years has worked hard to make tourists and locals live a unique experience by spending a holiday staying meters high in the middle of our amazing woods.

I’m so happy to announce that one of the most beautifully read more

Winfields Best Blogs for 2018

Winfields Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping Bloggers for 2018

Winfields Best Blogs for Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping 2018

By Nicole Anderson

Winfields Outdoors has released its best blogs for 2018 and what a fantastic resource this is for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

In all, Winfields Outdoors has recognized 136 blogs from around the world across the following six categories:

Best General Outdoor Blogs

Best Walking and Hiking Blogs

Best Camping Blogs

Best Caravanning & Campervan Blogs

Best Outdoor Activity & Health Blogs

Best Travel Blogs

Within the announcement of read more

Using a post camping checklist or process

Free Checklists post camping

By Lynley Joyce

Packing up, getting home and unpacking is the part of the post camping process most of us enjoy the least. Here’s a bit of a rundown to help you get through it all.

1. Packing up

There are two broad approaches to packing up the campsite.

  1. Clean, dry and organise everything as much as possible to make life easier back at home.
  2. Stuff everything back into bags and the vehicle to worry about when you get home.

Obviously (A) is the better option, but it’s not always practical. If the last day of camping is wet, most of us get out as quickly as possible. Often most of us have better things to do on the last day of a camping trip than ‘housework’. read more

Glamping Southern California Destinations

Glamping Southern California 5

By Lucy Gomez

Are you wondering about what glamping Southern California means? Did you know that there are a lot of places where you and your loved ones can go glamping? Get to know these amazing destinations by reading the information below.

For people who don’t know, glamping Southern California means going camping while enjoying the beautiful glamourous sky that is full of stars in comfort. Glamping is short term for glamour camping, wherein nature is giving you the best that it has to offer read more

Glamping in Africa Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

glamping in africa 7

By Mary Lyons

When I first heard the word “glamping” it didn’t take long to figure out what it meant. As someone who was used to carrying her own backpack, stocked only with essentials, for several miles and then setting up camp in the wilderness, I think I had a different perspective on glamping than most people. To me it meant car camping, having someone else build a fire, and eating at an actual picnic table. A wooden hut at a campground with showers and a store to buy candy? Wow! Now read more

Preparing for a Quest to Conquer Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro 1

By Mary Lyons

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the continent of Africa and thousands of people summit Uhuru Peak at 19,300 feet every year. My dream to summit Kilimanjaro was born about ten years ago after I had been living overseas for a year. For the first time in my life, I actually had a disposable income to use for travel. For some reason, my dream to summit Kilimanjaro got put on the back burner read more

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