Alessia Morello, Contributor

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Trekking lover, nature enthusiast, climber, outdoor blogger

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Northeast Italy

Alessia is a 32-year-old girl who has always loved sports and nature.

She has always practiced snowboarding, swimming, athletics and much more but since she met Simon, her boyfriend, the mountains has become her playground.

Alessia Morello 2Two years ago, after deciding to resign and return to live in her homeland, Alessia started hiking every weekend, every holiday and now even gets into climbing and doing vie ferrate (equipped treks).

Giorgino has joined them one year ago, a dog saved from the kennel and now is a perfect mountain dog that loves the outdoors, running in the snow and walking for hours in the meadows. Only problem is, he hates cows and horses (of which there are many in the Italian mountains).

For two years she has written and shares love for her land and outdoors on social networks. She also loves cooking vegetarian and healthy recipes and try to live in a more sustainable way.


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Contributions to Camping for Women

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