The Bitty Big Q Portable Grill – Know Where Your Cooking Grate Has Been

By Sara Baird

Cooking over a campfire is always an adventure. One part of the adventure I’ve always worried about is using the grates provided at campsites when I have no idea how the last campers used it. When I was asked to review the Bitty Big Q camping grill, I saw an easily portable solution to the gross grate problem.

The Bitty Big Q is a foldable grill designed by Yehs Innovations Inc. in Ontario, Canada. This grill is made with 316 stainless steel, a corrosion resistance read more

A Review of The Windtamer – Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

By Sara Baird

My son has said since he was little that “everything tastes better when you are camping”. I agree, there is just something about eating your meal outdoors in all kinds of weather that improves the flavor of everything.

As the head chef of our camping expeditions, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges in preparing our meals. I’m an enthusiastic cook and I’ve never shied away from cooking for my family no matter where my current kitchen is located. Even at home, I’ve logged read more

Easy Food To Cook For One-Day Camping

Easy Food To Cook For One-Day Camping

By Amy Fox

You’ve probably gone camping and barbecuing around the country many times. It’s not about science, some wood, fire, and stove are ready. However, we have found ingenious camper food recipes that will not take you long and will allow you to prepare a variety of grilled dishes.

We offer some tips and recipes to help you easily prepare your food for camping while outside:

Camping breakfast burgers are the perfect breakfast next to camp.

When it comes to camper burgers – the perfect bun is a must. The burger is the most popular camper read more

Staying Healthy on the Trail: Nutrition Tips for Solo Hikers

Nutrition Tips for Solo Hikers

By Caitlin Evans

Hiking alone can be an exhilarating, terrifying, life-altering, and excruciating experience.

Having just seen Wild for the first time a couple of months ago (and having berated myself for not watching it earlier), I was amazed at how the challenges and setbacks faced by a first-time solo female hiker have been accurately fleshed out in a couple of hours.

If you are getting ready to head read more

Delicious and Nutritious Snacks for Your Next Family Camping Trip

Delicious and Nutritious Snacks

By Camille May Finley

More than just treats, the food you bring along on a camping trip is the fuel that will be available to your body. This is why experienced hiker Shelby Kisgen emphasizes the importance of mindfulness when packing snacks, especially if you’re responsible for feeding other people, like your family. That means choosing to nibble on healthy sources of energy read more

No Box Single Folding Knife Review

No Box Single Folding Knife

By Sara Baird

I exist within a family of campers, wilderness seekers, Boy Scouts, and hunters. It can be said that we are a family that knows the value of a good pocket knife. So much so, pocket knives are frequently gifted for holidays and special occasions. As our children grew into teens and began seeking their own adventures, we found we needed an ample supply of pocket knives to quickly replace the knives lost to a lake, left behind at a campsite, or handed over to TSA. With this in mind, read more

Camping Test of the new Wolf’em Sticks

Wolf'em Sticks 2

Wolf’em Sticks are a new, fun and effective way of cooking over a campfire.

By Jessica Shouse

One of my favorite things about Summer is camping and one of my favorite things about camping is hanging out with family & friends around the campfire. Roasting smores & cooking over the fire is a favorite past time. I was recently introduced to a new product that takes on a new twist on this classic outdoor activity, Wolf’em Sticks. I had the opportunity to test them out on our recent Spring read more

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals Review

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals 1

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals are definitely an easy and tasty solution when out on the trails.

By Jessica Shouse

Good tasting and good for you, easy to prepare, lightweight meals for outdoor activities like backpacking can be hard to come by, in my opinion. I am not a fan of your typical dehydrated meal… I was recently introduced to Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals, ”food for the modern wanderer”.

Nomad makes delicious and energy-packed meals for all types of adventure lovers using the REVdry read more

5 Irresistible Cooking Ideas

5 Irresistible Cooking Ideas on a Camping Adventure 1

By Judy Robinson

5 Irresistible Cooking Ideas on a Camping Adventure

Those who love outdoor adventures such as bonfires, picnics, and camping, know the stress of satisfying food cravings. The tiresome journeys trigger hunger but unlike other luxury getaways, arranging food at campsites is difficult. The most significant limitation of preparing food for camp outings is to keep it smooth and simple without compromising on taste and menu. You cannot live on a pack of instant noodles or nachos throughout your camping trip.

Good food is not only an energy read more

One Pot Camping Meals

One Pot Camping Meals

By Megan Darmody

A camping trip is one of the best ways to unwind and destress from the craziness of our daily lives. As a woman, you likely wear many hats, whether it’s mom, wife, business owner, employee or friend. When you immerse yourself in the wilderness and unplug from all devices, you can reset and return to your busy schedule and loved ones with a whole new perspective.

Depending on the length and location of your camping trip, as well as the size of your group, prepping for your trip read more

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