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Camping for Women Travel and Adventure 2For those ladies who have more of a desire to spread their wings, travel and savour the great outdoors on a global scale, this section is especially for you.

Here we publish feature stories, information, articles and reviews of extraordinary places and feats of adventure that are yours for the taking – or just to enjoy as a visitor to this page.


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Sample Past Travel Articles:


Inspiration for the (Female) Adventurer’s Soul

By Andrea Willingham

Inspiration 1Where do women get their inspiration for great adventure?

Andrea Willingham shares some examples from her past including great essays, books and films.

Read through Andrea’s inspirational list and see which appeals to you the most.


Taking Camping Gear on an International Trip

By Shazia Chiu

International Trip 1Preparing for an international trip is often a lengthy process. Packing, making sure you have all the proper travel documents, finding someone to watch your pets or home, and making arrangements at your destination takes time and effort.

If you anticipate camping at all during your trip, you’ve probably thought about renting or buying camping gear in-country. However, a bit of extra effort before your trip can save you a lot of money and help you avoid the stress of dealing with unfamiliar gear.


Camping in Less Developed Areas: A Simple Guide

Less developed areas 1By Oceana Setaysha

There are so many things to love about camping, but despite its ubiquitous nature in many Western countries, it’s not practiced widely all over the world.

That means that sometimes when you go to other countries, often less developed countries, it can be difficult to explain what camping is, and why you want to do it.



Dry but delightful: Hiking in the desert

By Lynley Joyce

Hiking in the desertDeserts are dry, dangerous and often barren. Why would anyone go hiking there?

It’s because deserts can also be stunningly beautiful with a wide range of plants and wildlife tenaciously hanging on to the rugged and sometimes dramatic landscape.

Read on to discover how to ensure you stay safe while enjoying a desert hike.


7 Unique Getaways for Outdoor Adventurers

By Phoebe Hodina

Unique Getaways 1Searching for unique getaways that still have a connection to the great outdoors? Well being in nature doesn’t always mean a tent. Sometimes it can be a yurt, igloo or treehouse!

Here’s a list of retreats that will give you some great stories not only from their locale, but from your accommodations as well! Some are a little more rustic than others, but all are completely original.



8 Ways to Mentally Prepare for a Solo Adventure

By Marinel de Jesus

Mentally prepare 6Being a solo traveler, and even more so, a solo hiker or backpacker can be an intimidating endeavor to undertake.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to be comfortable when partaking in anything serious such as hiking or backpacking in the wilderness by yourself.

The same goes for traveling as it’s just not worth it to feel overwhelmingly anxious to the extent that it outweighs the joy of traveling or trekking solo.


Top Ten Tips for Solo Females Headed to India

Solo Females India 1

By Emily Pennington

In this comprehensive article, Emily Pennington shares her tips for all solo females headed to India based on her first hand experience.




Overcoming Fear as a Solo Trekker in Zhangjiajie Mountains of China

Zhangjiajie 1By Marinel de Jesus


An inspiration story of how the Brown Gal Trekker overcame her fear of solo trekking while exploring the Zhangjiajie Mountains in Hunan Province, China.



Beautiful Treks in the North of Italy

By Alessia Morello

Beautiful Treks in the North of Italy 1Italy has a reputation for being a very popular and scenic country to visit.

Here we show you where you can find 5 beautiful treks in the North of Italy as covered by a woman adventurer who calls this beautiful place home.

Read about her treks and see her video.



The 5 most beautiful sea treks in Italy

By Alessia Morello

Sea Treks in Italy 1Many people think that the sea in Italy is only sand and beach although in reality this is not so.

Our coasts are covered with mostly of reefs and rocks that become hills and mountains where harrowing treks exist with breathtaking views.

Here are the 5 most beautiful sea treks in Italy



Travel and Adventure Reviews

Doing the Rickshaw Run, India

By Kristine MacMillan

Camping for Women Doing the Rickshaw RunAn amazing true story reviewed here and caught on film. 3 ladies, 1 rickshaw, 3000 klms in a race across India!

This review summarizes all aspects of this event where a Canadian, an American and a New Zealander joined forces in a great adventure to raise money for charity.

At the bottom of the review is the video compilation of actual footage showing how it all happened over a period of 14 days, from the start all the way to the finish line.


Preparing for a Quest to Conquer Kilimanjaro

By Mary Lyons

Kilimanjaro 1Kilimanjaro.

The highest peak in Africa.

Many come to explore and climb this every year and many more have this on their bucket list.

Read all about how to best prepare yourself for one of the trips of a lifetime!



Glamping Takes on a Whole New Meaning in Africa!

By Mary Lyons

If you think you have really experienced glamping before you should take a look at what is on offer in Africa.

Glamping taken to a whole new level here…



Camping in Beautiful Bhutan is not as Far Reaching as You Think

By Mary Lyons

Bhutan 1When I tell people I went to Bhutan, I get mixed reactions. Sometimes I get asked, “Where’s Bhutan?” Others say, “Oh, is everybody really happy there?” in reference to their reputation for measuring Gross National Happiness. But the response I get most often is, “Wow, I want to go there, but ______…” You can fill in the blank. There’s always a but, and when it comes to Bhutan, there are two main obstacles that prevent people from visiting this amazing country. Number 1 is money. Number 2 is lack of knowledge that results in the misconception that getting there is difficult.


Trekking in Bhutan – From Dream to Reality

By Mary Lyons

Trekking in Bhutan 1Bhutan had been a dream destination of mine for a long time, since before I moved overseas.

Fifteen years ago I saw a quick blurb about it on television and thought, “I have to go there.” Just a couple of years ago, I finally went.

What draws people to this beautiful Asian country? Trekking. Bhutan offers numerous trekking options, but all will be a bit challenging because of the altitude.


A review of High Altitude Trekking in Ladakh, India

By Carley Fairbrother


Ladakh 16Forming part of the Himalayan Region, this is an amazing region that relatively few tourists ever get to experience.

Carley shares some really useful information, stunning photos and images within her written review as well as her videos to show us what being there is really like.


The Best 5 Apre-Ski Resort Areas in Italy

By Alessia Morello

Apre-ski 1From late November to early December, all Italian skiing areas begin to count down for the beginning of the ski season. If the snow arrives in advance, like this year, the ski resorts first open to the happiness of snowboarders and skiers who for 7 months are in a trepid wait.

Skiing is a tradition in Italy, if you live in the Alps and the Dolomites when you’re a kid it’s the norm to get up on Sunday at 6:00am, prepare skis and boots and leave for one of the many ski destinations with the family.



Explore the Magical Desert of Joshua Tree, California, USA

Joshua TreeBy Lucy Gomez

The Joshua Tree Park is considered as a magical and massive desert land, which is about 790,000 square acres.

And speaking about the desert, here you need to know that there is absolutely no electricity, no lights, no food service and mobile receptions.



Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy

By Alessia Morello

Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy 1If you’ve always wandered to sleep in a tree house surrounded by meters and meters of snow … now is the time!

I’m so happy to announce that one of the most beautiful and design tree house is in my area, the northeast of Italy, in the middle between Venice and Austria and this place with has breathtaking views and the beautiful woods full of giants beech, larch and fir create a really magic atmosphere. 



Great Hikes Down Under!

By Eunise Quintano

Great Hikes Down Under 1In case you did not know – but we’re pretty sure you do, Down Under is Australia. The beautiful country of Australia is filled with hiking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Through dense rain forests, across open plains, over mountain ridges, beside lakes, and oceans – there’s somewhere here for every type of hiker. Looking for great hikes in this part of the world? We’ve prepared this article just for you!


5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia

By Olivia Williams Jones

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 1No matter how long I’ve lived in this beautiful country, its untamed nature never ceases to amaze me, hence our family tradition to roam the wilderness whenever we possibly can.

It does come with its challenges and setbacks, but as soon as we start exploring, all those troubles fade away – and for a mom whose kids are active and curious, that’s a precious feeling!

If you’re looking to see more of Australia, with your family or your friends, you will want to know about those perfect camping spots, and the following five should be on top of your bucket list.


The Natural Beauty of Northern Thailand

By Nicole Anderson

Northern ThailandI had been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful country a couple of times on past trips but my most recent visit (April 2018) took me for the first time to Northern Thailand, which is a stunning contrast to the metropolis of Bangkok and the more popular coastal areas.

While it would just not be possible to pack in everything I saw, experienced and learned into this piece, I have instead included a summary of what I thought were some of the more significant highlights and photos of the what this part of the world has to offer for the outdoor enthusiast.


THE PLACE WHERE I’M FROM | Discover the northeast of Italy

By Alessia Morello

Discover the northeast of Italy 1Italy has too much in the way of beautiful places to go and the tourists that come here want to see the most famous things like Rome, Venice, Milan, the Tuscany etc etc. But now with the help of social media and the Internet, I want to show you the magical place where I’m from.

I live in the northeast of Italy, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Yeah, my region has three names because after wars and wars it was decided to join together 3 different areas.


Camping in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan

By Anoosh Reinolds

Camping in Armenia Georgia and Azerbaijan 1Camping is the best choice for lovers of nature and secluded recreation. If you are not afraid of wild conditions, long walks and nights under the open sky, then it’s time to get your backpack ready for a trekking and camping tour. Moreover, a camping tour is an excellent choice for a budget holiday, especially if you are planning to visit several countries.

Today we’d like to tell you about the amazing region of the South Caucasus which includes Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. This region is a great choice for camping lovers – lush forests, majestic mountains, fast rivers and mysterious ancient sights – what can sound more appealing?



International News

Film Project: All Women Hikers/Trekkers opportunity to feature!

Dont Date a Girl Who TreksBy Marinel de Jesus

Women around the world who enjoy hiking and trekking can now be a part of being featured in a film being put together shortly.

All Camping for Women subscribers and readers can submit their hiking and trekking photos to be included in the production.

The film is designed to showcase women that love and embrace nature everywhere. Click on the title or photo to see all the fabulous details where everyone can be involved.



Hiking Reviews:

The Colorado Trail, USA

The Colorado Trail 1By Phoebe Hodina

The Colorado Trail runs almost 500 miles from Denver to Durango and is divided in 28 segments.

From the trails, there are multiple points to do additional trails, visit different areas along the way, and even climb some 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation).


An Amateur Dirtbag’s Guide to Zion in the Winter, USA

Winter in ZionBy Emily Pennington

Have you considered exploring Utah’s famous Zion National Park in winter?

Check out this review and photos to see if you are game to embrace all this experience has to offer.



Crown Jewel of the Winds: Titcomb Basin, Wyoming, USA

Titcomb 1By Nicole Atkins

Titcomb Basin is one of those destinations that will leave you changed. It’s nestled in the Wind River Range, in Western Wyoming and well worth seeing.



The Appalachian Trail – What to Expect and How to Prepare

By Mary Lyons

Appalachian Trail 1The great Appalachian Trail is considered by many to be a great test for serious trekkers.

In this in-depth article, Mary Lyons shares her impressive experience on how she completed it and guides you as to how you can achieve this feat too.



Band on the run

By Robin EH. Bagley

Band on the run 1Love seeing wildlife?

They may not have the heart-pounding excitement of bears, or the majesty of an elk herd, but not-so-wild burros have their charms.

Meet this merry band of thieves in the Black Hills of South Dakota.



Anarchy and Otter Pops in East Jesus

By Emily Pennington

East Jesus 1There’s a lot more to East Jesus than meets the eye, some 85 miles southeast of Palm Springs, California.

Certainly not an average roadside attraction!



Glamping Southern California Destinations

By Lucy Gomez

Glamping Southern California 5If you happen to be in, or passing through the area and want to enjoy nature with some luxury, then glamping Southern California is definitely the way to go.

Check out these 5 different options.


Journey to the Medicine Wheel

By Robin EH. Bagley

Medicine Wheel 1Sitting just under 10,000 feet on a windswept Wyoming mountain, the Medicine Wheel welcomes visitors, if you’re game enough to get there.

This unique experience is certainly worth the trip.

Have a look for yourself in this article.


3 ways to enjoy Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon, USA.

By Rita Myers

Natural Bridge Campground 1The Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon is a great place to enjoy the river, explore the mountains, and erase your troubles.

Read and see more about this incredibly beautiful place with this write up, photos and videos.


Getting Misty in the Cloud Peak Wilderness

By Robin EH. Bagley

Cloud Peak 1If you don’t mind running across a stray moose or getting a little chilly at night, consider a trip to Misty Moon Lake in the Cloud Peak Wilderness in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. This summer we took two trips to this area on the western side of the Bighorns.

This is one of the most popular routes into the wilderness area for day hikers or backpackers who are making a run at either Cloud Peak (13,166 feet) or Bomber Mountain (12,841 feet). Plus, it’s absolutely breathtaking.


Hike the Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves before it’s too late

By Joy Sheehan

Mendenhall GlacierLocated just 12 miles outside of downtown Juneau, Alaska sits the Mendenhall Glacier. Hundreds of thousands of visitors gaze upon its beauty each year, but very few people actually see it from its most beautiful angle: the inside.

Inside the glacier is a series of ice caves that are simply otherworldly — like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. Only all of Narnia is blue. And you had to hike a moderately strenuous 3.5 mile trail (each way) to get there.

However, the caves are quickly melting and collapsing. Get to Juneau as fast as possible if you have any interest in photographing yourself as a Smurf experiencing this surreal natural wonder!

Experience the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

By Robin EH. Bagley

Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup 1If you’re on the lookout for new, memorable experience, point your compass toward the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Every September, Custer State Park rounds up their herd of 1,300 buffalo, not something you see every day.

Disclaimer: the proper name for these animals is American Bison; however, they are colloquially referred to as buffalo throughout this region.

Hiking the John Muir Trail

By Kristin Hanes

Hiking the John Muir Trail 1When I decided to hike 230 miles of the John Muir Trial through the California Sierra Nevada with my boyfriend, there was nothing to warn me how hard it might be.

I joined the John Muir Trail Facebook group, with thousands of members, all of them posting beautiful pictures of alpine lakes, craggy mountains, nests of evergreen trees in valleys far below. But nowhere was there commentary about the daily grind, the bodily torture, the difficulty in motivating oneself to keep going day after day after day.


The Magical Waterfalls of the Havasupai Indian Reservation

By Ashley Barlow

As an avid waterfall chaser I have always dreamed of visiting the waterfalls of Havasupai. My dream became a reality when I was surprised with permits for my 25th Birthday!

Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The Havasupai people live on one of the most remote Native American Reservations in America.

The Supai Village is located 8 miles deep into the Grand Canyon and can only be accessed by foot or helicopter. The waterfalls of Havasupai are by far the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen and definitely rank the list of must see waterfalls in the US.


Exploring Mount Rogers, Virginia

By Ashley Barlow

Exploring Mount Rogers 1Mount Rogers is most famous for being the highest point in Virginia with a height of 5,729 feet (1,746 m) above sea level.

Ashley shares her experience here along with tips, photos and a video to show what this place has to offer.



A Sailboat and a new way to see nature

By Kristin Hanes

Sailboat 1Living life on a sailboat brings a whole new dimension to immersing yourself in nature.

With plans to sail around the world to live a totally free and exciting life, Kristine Hanes shares the ups and downs of this unique experience.



Antelope Canyon Arizona is No Longer Hidden, but It’s Still a Gem

By Mary Lyons

Antelope Canyon 1In the 1970s, the slot canyons on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona were still relatively unknown to everyone except the Navajo.

These two canyons, now known as Antelope Canyon, aren’t the only two slot canyons in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The soft sandstone here is easily eroded during flash floods that occur a few times a year.


Hiking the Hoh Rainforest

By Kristin Hanes

Located in Washington State, USA is the incredibly beautiful Hoh Rainforest. But it is so much more than that as Kristin Hanes found out as she climbed steadily toward the glacier and to an amazing vista.

This round-trip journey she did with her boyfriend in only 60 hours, camping along the way. Discover their experience in this descriptive article.



10 Best Winter Hiking Trails in Southern Utah

By Janiel Green

10 Best Winter Hiking Trails in Southern Utah 1We have all felt the Winter chill, and some of us even the winter blues.

Why not get outside and explore what your favorite trails are like in the winter time? Winter gear is readily available, and snowshoes are cheaper than ever.

Here are a few of my favorite trails in Southern Utah. Depending on the year, it may look deceivingly like Springtime.



Crow Peak: Where the Plains and Hills Collide, South Dakota, USA

By Robin EH Bagley

Crow Peak 1If you’re road-tripping along Interstate 90 in the Great Plains, it’s hard to miss the Black Hills, an island of tree-covered mountains in the middle of an ocean of prairie.

The Black Hills, or Paha Sapa to the native peoples of the Northern Plains, are entirely unexpected but offer fantastic hiking and camping opportunities.





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