Camping in Cooler Climates

Camping in cooler climates

By Lisa Bohler

Camping often includes warm, summer weather. In many parts of the country, though, cool temps are common most months out of the year. And in higher elevations of the Rockies, or in the Northwoods, it isn’t uncommon to have lows dip into the 40s or even the higher 30s all summer long.

Staying outdoors when the temperatures do not drop below the lower 70s and staying outdoors where the temperatures plummet to just above freezing are totally different experiences.

There are a lot of read more

Camping essentials when pregnant

Camping essentials when pregnant

By Shahin Akash

How do you feel about sleeping outside at night? It’s exciting, isn’t it? It is always more thrilling when staying up in the hills or even in a jungle. Probably, that’s why people like to go camping, hiking, hunting, travelling and so on.

Do you want to have such thrilling experiences? Can’t go because of pregnancy? You might think pregnancy creates a restriction in going camping, but that’s not the truth at all. Instead, being out in nature is good for the health of read more

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

By Morgan Rogue

At the time of my first solo camping trip, I did a lot of research of my location, what I was going to take, how I was going to set up camp, etc. I had intended to stay two nights, but I ended up only staying one night due to a variety of factors.

I was so excited to camp on my own. Prior to my first solo trip, I had camped a lot with my family when I was a kid. After that, I had always gone with past boyfriends and my husband. Never read more

Camping Solo – a First Timer’s Guide

Camping Solo – a First Timer’s Guide 1

Camping Solo – a First Timer’s Guide

By Polly Cooper

Camping with friends and family is great, but if your loved ones don’t share your enthusiasm for the great outdoors, there’s no reason you should miss out! If you’ve never taken the plunge before, camping alone for the first time can be daunting, but it can also be extremely rewarding. In this guide, we go over some basic and helpful tips to get you prepared for your first camping trip as a solo female.

Safety First

Your number one priority read more

Review of the Outbright Camping Lantern

By Jessica Shouse

When I took my new Outbright Camping Lantern on my last camping trip I fell in love! This super-compact lantern is the perfect light for your next backpacking, family camping or boating trip.

As dusk set in and I started to wind down for the night I pulled out the lantern and set it atop the table. It provided just the right amount of light I needed to get my campfire started. Once my fire was going, I grabbed my favorite book and kicked back in my favorite camp chair. Again, perfect read more

Be Brave

Be Brave

By Patti Johnson

The first time I left the comfort of my coastal home for a solo overnight excursion in the wilds was because I wanted to “play hokey”, I needed to throw my To-Do list into the wind, to experience the thrill of the unknown and taste the elixir of the explorer. Deep down I also knew some serious immersion in nature would do my body some good. But the backroads and tangled forests of the Klamath Mountains were strange and scary to me. I had lived nearly surrounded by them for read more

RV Reviews names Best Camping Blogs

By Nicole Anderson

For those who love the great outdoors, RVs are a favorite way for many to get around and stay amongst nature in comfort and convenience. Whether you are on a big road trip or you just want to relax at a magical spot and settle there for a while, RVs are a great way to do it.

RV Reviews is a website specifically providing outdoor enthusiasts with detailed information about RV products, along read more

A Review of The Windtamer – Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

By Sara Baird

My son has said since he was little that “everything tastes better when you are camping”. I agree, there is just something about eating your meal outdoors in all kinds of weather that improves the flavor of everything.

As the head chef of our camping expeditions, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges in preparing our meals. I’m an enthusiastic cook and I’ve never shied away from cooking for my family no matter where my current kitchen is located. Even at home, I’ve logged read more

A guide to camping with your dog

A guide to camping with your dog

By Jessica Kelly

We all love camping. It can be incredibly rewarding to spend time in the great outdoors, away from everyday life and responsibilities. But what’s a great way to make a camping trip even better? Adding a pet into the mix! Camping with your dog can be an exciting new addition to your adventure, but if you need some tips on the best way to go about this, look no further.

Find suitable campsites

First thing’s first, you’ll need to find a dog-friendly campsite. There are plenty of sites with read more

Easy Food To Cook For One-Day Camping

Easy Food To Cook For One-Day Camping

By Amy Fox

You’ve probably gone camping and barbecuing around the country many times. It’s not about science, some wood, fire, and stove are ready. However, we have found ingenious camper food recipes that will not take you long and will allow you to prepare a variety of grilled dishes.

We offer some tips and recipes to help you easily prepare your food for camping while outside:

Camping breakfast burgers are the perfect breakfast next to camp.

When it comes to camper burgers – the perfect bun is a must. The burger is the most popular camper read more

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