9 Essential Camping Products for Women in 2021

9 essential camping products for women in 2021 - 1

Essential camping products for women this year

By Samantha Rupp

While the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to most non-essential travel for 2020 and 2021, one form of relatively safe travel is camping. Being in wide-open spaces with limited people around means less contact with groups of people outside of your bubble. This past year, Americans took advantage of the great outdoors by taking day or weekend trips to semi-local parks and wilderness areas within driving distance.

If you’re getting tired of spending your days inside, working from read more

The Benefits of Camping + Backyard Camping Ideas

The Benefits of Camping + Backyard Camping Ideas

By Stacy Walden

Many of us can recall our favorite outdoor adventure as a child. Whether it was while away at a recreational camp with friends or right in your backyard with family, the rejuvenation that comes from nature is like no other.

But now that many wilderness camps are no longer in session due to COVID-19, it’s sad to see your children miss out on those experiences. The thrill of embarking on an adventure helps kids not only explore but become more familiar with the outdoors improving read more

Essentials for Women Camping

Essentials for Women Camping

By Evelin Weiss

When it comes to camping, there’s one thing that we can’t fail to notice: it’s easier for men than it is for women. Women have different needs, different comfort levels – and while a man might feel perfectly comfortable in a certain camping zone, a woman might be counting the minutes until she gets home. And let’s not get started on the toilets.

However, with the right preparation, every woman should be able to enjoy camping to the fullest. She just needs to know what to read more

5 Campsites near Tokyo Japan you will love!

Campsites near Tokyo Japan Karuizawa Sweet Glass

By Venese Lau

If you love camping and want to explore the camping scene, you might be surprised by all the wonderful places Japan has to offer. Most campsites are available throughout the year (yes, even in the freezing winters!). However, I’d recommend camping during the warmer seasons, between the months of March and September. Just avoid the few weeks of rain in June, and the typhoon period in late August, early September.

There are many different campsites in Japan, in places such as parks, read more

11 Best Freshwater Springs for Camping in Florida USA

Freshwater Springs at Ichetucknee

By Jessica Baker

Most travelers who choose Florida as their camping destination presume that it’s all beaches and amusement parks. On the contrary, the sunshine state is actually home to the largest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. Here I am happy to share with you the best freshwater springs for camping in Florida.

Its large aquifer below the surface of the entire state accounts for 90% of Floridian’s water source. It’s no surprise, then, that beyond a water supply, this read more

Winter Camping in Subarctic Temperatures

Winter Camping in Subarctic

Winter Camping in Subarctic Temperatures: you can do this!

By Stephanie Woltman

While winter temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit for all of the Americana out there) and camping don’t regularly fall within the same sentence, this past February I wanted to challenge myself to experience this.

And what better time than a birthday where I would be transitioning into a new decade. My 30th birthday fell at the beginning of February and while my friends and I usually opt for a celebration at the cabin, I wanted to do things a little read more

Practical Tips for Starting Your First Camping Vlog

Ever considered starting your first camping vlog?

By Carla Cohn

Vlogging has been around for quite some time, but it has picked up significantly over the past few years as a way for people to share a part of themselves, their daily routines, escapades, and adventures.

Travel vlogging has become quite popular too, allowing viewers a chance to live vicariously through other people. Vlogger Eva zu Beck has been documenting read more

Camping in Cooler Climates

Camping in cooler climates

By Lisa Bohler

Camping often includes warm, summer weather. In many parts of the country, though, cool temps are common most months out of the year. And in higher elevations of the Rockies, or in the Northwoods, it isn’t uncommon to have lows dip into the 40s or even the higher 30s all summer long.

Staying outdoors when the temperatures do not drop below the lower 70s and staying outdoors where the temperatures plummet to just above freezing are totally different experiences.

There are a lot of read more

Camping essentials when pregnant

Camping essentials when pregnant

By Shahin Akash

How do you feel about sleeping outside at night? It’s exciting, isn’t it? It is always more thrilling when staying up in the hills or even in a jungle. Probably, that’s why people like to go camping, hiking, hunting, travelling and so on.

Do you want to have such thrilling experiences? Can’t go because of pregnancy? You might think pregnancy creates a restriction in going camping, but that’s not the truth at all. Instead, being out in nature is good for the health of read more

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

By Morgan Rogue

At the time of my first solo camping trip, I did a lot of research of my location, what I was going to take, how I was going to set up camp, etc. I had intended to stay two nights, but I ended up only staying one night due to a variety of factors.

I was so excited to camp on my own. Prior to my first solo trip, I had camped a lot with my family when I was a kid. After that, I had always gone with past boyfriends and my husband. Never read more

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