Being Pandemic Prepared: A COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson

What to Have Prepared in Case of a Pandemic A COVID 19 Lesson

By Samantha Rupp

If you were caught off guard by the COVID-19 pandemic, you certainly weren’t the only one. Amid local governments putting lockdowns and quarantine measures into place, individuals and families across the country found themselves unprepared to deal with a pandemic and, in many cases, they panicked. Local grocery stores ran short on canned food and other non-perishables, in addition to personal hygiene items like toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, and face masks.

However, the more read more

How to Protect Yourself in the Wilderness

How to Protect Yourself in the Wilderness

Considering how to protect yourself in the wilderness

By Scarlet Gratton

Planning for your wilderness getaway never kicks off with thoughts on getting lost in the woods or spotting a bear. We envision perfect, sunny weather, peaceful hiking trails, butterflies, birdsong, waking up to the sound of the babbling brook nearby, and tasting fresh berries you’ve just picked. The reality, however is somewhat different, and it calls for thorough preparation for your trips to the beautiful outdoors, in order to stay read more

Winter Camping in Subarctic Temperatures

Winter Camping in Subarctic

Winter Camping in Subarctic Temperatures: you can do this!

By Stephanie Woltman

While winter temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit for all of the Americana out there) and camping don’t regularly fall within the same sentence, this past February I wanted to challenge myself to experience this.

And what better time than a birthday where I would be transitioning into a new decade. My 30th birthday fell at the beginning of February and while my friends and I usually opt for a celebration at the cabin, I wanted to do things a little read more

Camping in Cooler Climates

Camping in cooler climates

By Lisa Bohler

Camping often includes warm, summer weather. In many parts of the country, though, cool temps are common most months out of the year. And in higher elevations of the Rockies, or in the Northwoods, it isn’t uncommon to have lows dip into the 40s or even the higher 30s all summer long.

Staying outdoors when the temperatures do not drop below the lower 70s and staying outdoors where the temperatures plummet to just above freezing are totally different experiences.

There are a lot of read more

Hike Like a Lady

Hike Like A Lady

Essential Tips Every Girl Must Know Being Out In The Wilderness.

Sponsored Post

By Meredith Hayes

Hiking has become a popular way of spending our leisure time. However, women not so seldom face a hostile scenario when they are alone on the trail.

There is a belief that a woman can’t survive on a more problematic hiking routes. Is that true? Everything depends on how you prepare yourself before starting off.

Today we will share several important and handy suggestions on how to prep yourself for the best trip of your life!

What to Consider Before Setting Off

If you want your journey to be safe read more

Camping and safety: what you need to know

By Jessica Kelly

Camping is an age-old adventure that humans all over the world continue to embark on come rain or shine. However, despite there being so many advantages to camping, it also offers some potential dangers that, if not well prepared for, could become life-threatening. From weather hazards to bugs, there are all sorts of things to be aware of, and this article is here to break it down for you.

Get educated about the elements

One of the biggest fears for campers is, without a doubt, lightning. This is largely read more

Travel Safely: How to Make a Winter Car Emergency Kit

Winter Car Emergency Kit

By Amanda Tallent

Taking on the cold for your next trip? The winter season can bring some beautiful white wonderland scenes to your hiking trail or campground, totally transforming the landscape. While you’ve most likely packed proper clothing and gear for your trek, have you prepared your car for winter weather too? Winter weather conditions like snow, sleet, and ice can make simply getting to your starting destination a challenge.

If you plan on driving to your next adventure during the winter read more

No Box Single Folding Knife Review

No Box Single Folding Knife

By Sara Baird

I exist within a family of campers, wilderness seekers, Boy Scouts, and hunters. It can be said that we are a family that knows the value of a good pocket knife. So much so, pocket knives are frequently gifted for holidays and special occasions. As our children grew into teens and began seeking their own adventures, we found we needed an ample supply of pocket knives to quickly replace the knives lost to a lake, left behind at a campsite, or handed over to TSA. With this in mind, read more

Solo Women Travel Egypt

Solo Women Travel Egypt 2

The dream

Famous the world over for its ancient history, Egypt has long been a country many desire to experience. The mystery of the Pyramids, sailing down the waters of the Nile, seeing the mighty Sahara, visiting the majestic Karnak and other temples and monuments, wandering the Egyptian Museum, exploring the Valley of the Kings and swimming in the crystal waters off the Red Sea Riviera. These are just some of the treasures that makes Egypt such a ‘bucket list’ destination.

The worry

Although the read more

7 Solo Camping Safety Tips for Women

By Ester Banuchyan

Camping is always fun when you are with a crowd. Here’s a confession though: I love camping alone. It gives me some much-needed time by myself that I don’t usually get at work or home. Besides, it makes me feel quite brave.

As thrilling as solo camping can be for women, it also presents unique safety concerns. Here are several camping safety tips based on my personal experience that would make most women feel safer on solo camping adventures.

1. Stay Warm In Your Tent

Women campers worry read more

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