Exercising Outdoors: Tips, Tricks & Benefits

Exercising Outdoors 1

By Scarlet Gratton

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of outdoor exercise. Moderate levels of daily exercise can, and in most cases will, improve your mood and give you more energy. A 2010 study done by researchers from the University of Essex has analyzed ten studies with a topic of mood and self-esteem read more

The Very Real Benefits of Camping

Benefits of Camping That Shouldn't Be Overlooked 1

By Scarlet Gratton

The Very Real Benefits of Camping That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Although you probably love your convenient coffeemaker, blow dryer, and Netflix, ridding yourself of all modern comforts and technology will provide you with an escape from the daily grind of life – something that we all truly need once in a while.

Besides going on an adventure and having fun, losing yourself in nature has very real health benefits. Below are only a few reasons why you should skip a fancy holiday this season and go camping instead.

Your stress, depression, and anxiety levels significantly decrease

Research has shown that read more

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