9 Contact Lens Safety Tips For Outdoor Enthusiasts

By Faye Napigkit

Being outdoors is a lot of fun, especially if you’re with your friends. However, spending time outdoors can be a hassle for contact lens wearers because they have to take additional precautions.

The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you’re planning on going camping, hiking or trail running, or doing any sort of outdoor activity, here are nine contact lens safety tips that will enable you to maximize your enjoyment of nature.

Wear daily disposable contact lenses.

Wearing read more

Essentials for Women Camping

Essentials for Women Camping

By Evelin Weiss

When it comes to camping, there’s one thing that we can’t fail to notice: it’s easier for men than it is for women. Women have different needs, different comfort levels – and while a man might feel perfectly comfortable in a certain camping zone, a woman might be counting the minutes until she gets home. And let’s not get started on the toilets.

However, with the right preparation, every woman should be able to enjoy camping to the fullest. She just needs to know what to read more

Durango Colorado: A Nature-Lover’s Dream Come True

Durango Colorado

By: Sarah Frey

I recently got back from a wonderful outdoor adventure to Durango Colorado. It is a gorgeous small town nestled within the Animas Mountains that seems to be a quiet haven for rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whatever you choose, Durango is likely to have your journey waiting. From zip-lining, white water rafting, to hiking, or climbing—whether off-road or on the trail—Durango has plenty of options. If ever there was a place read more

Experiencing a Norway Road Trip along the Atlantic West Coast

Norway Road Trip header

Our Norway Road Trip – the best so far!

Norway is rightfully renowned for its stunning natural beauty.

Majestic Fjords, mountainous snowy peaks, literally thousands of beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation, crystal clear blue waters with virtually zero pollution, unspoiled islands, beaches are all wondrous sites you can experience in this amazing country.

Once you get out of the main cities, Norway’s natural assets exist on a grand scale everywhere you look. You don’t need to be a skilled photographer to capture great read more

The Most Popular Himalayan Treks for Women


By Shanu Pande

Women are the best creations of God. They are gentle yet strong, flexible yet steely, emotional yet calm. Today women are independent, free-spirited, and love to enjoy life from close quarters. There is hardly any domain untouched by women and trekking is one of them.

Many solo females are trekking to the remotest terrains of India. All this seems incredible in an outdoor activity that is challenging and certainly not for the chicken-hearted.

Safety is not an issue for solo female read more

Top 5 beautiful places to explore in Taiwan

By Jules Tan

Did you know that two-thirds of Taiwan is blanketed by forest landscapes? That makes Taiwan a great choice for outdoor exploration. It has hundreds of well-maintained natural trails for hiking, mountain streams for river tracking, and over 1700 campgrounds available for camping.

If you are looking for an amazing retreat, there are many hot springs scattered all over the island.

The best weather to go outdoors is from September to December and March to May. This is when the weather is read more

Pits and Bits Waterless cleaning solutions!

Pits and Bits

Pits and Bits® is the best way to wash when water isn’t easily available. All Pits & Bits® use Waterless Limited’s unique Towel Off® Technology to provide soft clean skin & hair wherever you are. Available in a range of sizes and ideal for post-race washing, camping, sports, and outdoor pursuits.”

-Pits and Bits website quote: https://pitsandbits.co.uk/

My review of Pits and Bits

By Samantha Kent

In the modern age of COVID-19 and the need to clean and wash on the go, a product has found a wider audience. read more

Dogs and the Great Outdoors – what you need to know

Dogs and the great outdoors

By Alex Oldenburg

As a woman who loves dogs just as much as the outdoors, sharing hikes with my dogs has long been a favorite activity of mine. Most of my hikes are built around where my dogs can go, as well as what is best for their health and safety.

While you can look for tips for hiking with dogs and prepare a hiking gear list, nothing replaces first-hand knowledge of taking and experiencing dogs and the great outdoors together.

This article is the result of several years of hiking with multiple read more

Taking a Road Trip above the Arctic Circle Norway

Road Trip above the arctic circle Norway 1

Travelling north on a road trip above north polar Norway is simply a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The natural beauty all around you is immense. There is just so much to see on such a grand scale that much of it takes your breath away.

Driving in winter up there can be quite dangerous, especially if you’re not used to the region, the changing weather and conditions. As we were going to be driving ourselves, my fiancé James and I decided that summer would be the preferred option. read more

Ways Journaling Outdoors Can Benefit and Inspire You

Ways Journaling Outdoors Can Benefit and Inspire You 2

By Julia Morrissey

The practice of journaling outdoors can provide excellent benefits to individuals. By keeping a journal, you can improve your mental health, boost your emotional intelligence, and even enhance your memory. When you add an extra layer to journaling and commit to doing some or all of the practice outdoors, you can expect to form even deeper connections with yourself and nature. This post discusses the read more

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