A Review of The Windtamer – Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

By Sara Baird

My son has said since he was little that “everything tastes better when you are camping”.  I agree, there is just something about eating your meal outdoors in all kinds of weather that improves the flavor of everything.

As the head chef of our camping expeditions, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges in preparing our meals.  I’m an enthusiastic cook and I’ve never shied away from cooking for my family no matter where my current kitchen is located.  Even at home, I’ve read more

A guide to camping with your dog

A guide to camping with your dog

By Jessica Kelly

We all love camping. It can be incredibly rewarding to spend time in the great outdoors, away from everyday life and responsibilities. But what’s a great way to make a camping trip even better? Adding a pet into the mix! Camping with your dog can be an exciting new addition to your adventure, but if you need some tips on the best way to go about this, look no further.

Find suitable campsites

First thing’s first, you’ll need to find a dog-friendly campsite. There are plenty of sites with read more

Easy Food To Cook For One-Day Camping

Easy Food To Cook For One-Day Camping

By Amy Fox

You’ve probably gone camping and barbecuing around the country many times. It’s not about science, some wood, fire, and stove are ready. However, we have found ingenious camper food recipes that will not take you long and will allow you to prepare a variety of grilled dishes.

We offer some tips and recipes to help you easily prepare your food for camping while outside:

Camping breakfast burgers are the perfect breakfast next to camp.

When it comes to camper burgers – the perfect bun is a must. The burger is the most popular camper read more

The Natural Beauty of Lysefjord Norway

Lysefjord Norway 1

By Nicole Anderson

Lysefjord Norway is located around 25 kilometres (16 mi) east of the city of Stavanger within Forsand municipality, part of Rogaland county, in the south west of this incredibly beautiful country.

The name Lysefjord translates to ‘light fjord’, and this name is understood to have come about due to the lightly colored granite rocks that exist along all sides. Carved by glaciers dating back to the Ice Age, it is the southernmost of the biggest fjords in Norway.

During my read more

Camping and safety: what you need to know

By Jessica Kelly

Camping is an age-old adventure that humans all over the world continue to embark on come rain or shine. However, despite there being so many advantages to camping, it also offers some potential dangers that, if not well prepared for, could become life-threatening. From weather hazards to bugs, there are all sorts of things to be aware of, and this article is here to break it down for you.

Get educated about the elements

One of the biggest fears for campers is, without a doubt, lightning. This is largely read more

Staying Healthy on the Trail: Nutrition Tips for Solo Hikers

Nutrition Tips for Solo Hikers

By Caitlin Evans

Hiking alone can be an exhilarating, terrifying, life-altering, and excruciating experience.

Having just seen Wild for the first time a couple of months ago (and having berated myself for not watching it earlier), I was amazed at how the challenges and setbacks faced by a first-time solo female hiker have been accurately fleshed out in a couple of hours.

If you are getting ready to read more

No Box Tools Bell Tent Review

No Box Tools Bell Tent Review

By Sara Baird

My family spent every possible day Minnesota weather allowed at our rustic one-room lake cabin. Because the cabin was so small tents became our bedrooms.  This tradition continued as my sisters and I became parents, just expanding the number of tent bedrooms needed.  In addition to our time at the lake, we thoroughly enjoyed campouts in state and national parks and wilderness trips.  While we just upgraded to a 5th wheel for most of our camping needs I still love to spend the night read more

The Natural Beauty of Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock Norway

Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock Norway

By Nicole Anderson

Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock Norway, (Preikestolen in English: “The Pulpit Rock”, “Pulpit” or “Preacher’s Chair”) once visited, is one of those places that you are never likely to forget.  To say it is impressive feels like it’s an understatement.  Its majestic beauty and that of its surrounding region is hard to compare to anywhere else.

Acknowledged by many as being the most photographed and popular site of natural beauty in Norway, read more

Campervanning with a Baby

Campervanning with a baby

By Erin Reynolds

We recently took a family trip to one of the best outdoor travel destinations in the PNW, San Juan Island in Washington State with our 5-month-old daughter. I have included some tips that we learned; hopefully they will encourage you to keep traveling as your family expands. For more tips on camping with a baby, see https://campingforwomen.com/babys-first-camping-trip/.

Our trip took place in October and our journey included our daughter’s first flight, ferry and campervan read more

8 Tips for Making a Road Trip a Success

Making a Road Trip a Success

By Maggie Reichel

A road trip is such a fun way to see the landscape of an area while you drive to a destination. You could be heading to a spot you’ve visited many times before, or somewhere brand new. The romance of a road trip is bolstered in America because of the incredible geography we are privileged to call home.

On the other hand, *planning* a road trip can be viewed as an exciting introduction to the journey, or a special kind of hell, depending on who you ask. I personally view it closer read more

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