RV Reviews names Best Camping Blogs

By Nicole Anderson

For those who love the great outdoors, RVs are a favorite way for many to get around and stay amongst nature in comfort and convenience. Whether you are on a big road trip or you just want to relax at a magical spot and settle there for a while, RVs are a great way to do it.

RV Reviews is a website specifically providing outdoor enthusiasts with detailed information about RV products, along read more

Expertido Best Camping Blog list

Best Camping Blog

Camping for Women has been included within the ‘Best Camping Blog’ list announced by Expertido.

By Nicole Anderson

In determining their Best Camping Blog list of 50, the editorial staff at Expertido considered different factors seen as important for readers.

Among the main factors assessed for the Best Camping Blog list were:

  • Consumer data protection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Straightforward to use and read, no errors
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Social media appearances

If you hadn’t heard of Expertido before, they are dedicated to the consumer and aims to provide them with thorough, unbiased and independent purchase advice. read more

TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs and Websites

TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs

Camping for Women is happy to announce the TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs and Websites for all those interested in the great outdoors.

By Nicole Anderson

This top 60 list has a variety of blog and website categories and includes some sites with very useful information for those who love adventure.

The TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs categories:

  • Best General Outdoor Blogs
  • Best Running Blogs
  • Best Hiking Blogs
  • Best Camping Blogs
  • Best Cycling Blogs
  • Best Skiing and Snowboarding Blogs

Camping for Women was included by TrailHeads. Kristin Harris of TrailHeads said that their team found Camping for Women to be a great resource. They have listed us under their ‘Camping’ category alongside read more

Women’s Equality Day

Women's Equality Day 1

A Look Back at all The Strides Women Have Made

By Tara Lundy

Women truly are a powerful force to be reckoned with. With August 26th being Women’s Equality Day, it’s the perfect time to reflect on just how far women have come. Even though we still have a long way to go in terms of full equality between men and women, why not use the day to celebrate the mountains women have conquered and continue to do so?


Even though there’s still a huge gap between men and women in politics, women have certainly come far seeing as it was almost read more

Moroccan Recognition of Camping for Women

Moroccan Recognition of Camping for Women 1

By Nicole Anderson

Great way to start 2019!

A Northern African Tour Company and Travel Agency has just named Camping for Women within its list of winners for their 2019 award.

Why us?

When we emailed to ask why Camping for Women was chosen as a recipient for this, Hamada, of Imzi’s Tours and Travel, replied by saying:

“You can’t create a list of Travel Nomads without including Camping Specialists. But who are we going to include? The Camping Neighborhood is Crowded. After Two Weeks of research, we have decided to read more

Nature Calling on Line One

Nature Calling on Line One 1

By Kristi Westberg

I have a confession to make.

I’ve never peed outside. (well, at least not until a few weeks ago)

[pausing for shaking heads and most likely eye-rolls]

I didn’t call myself the “Indoorsy Camper” because I like roughin’ it. I dubbed myself the “Indoorsy Camper” because I like to cook lamb tagine (recipe from Melissa Clark….you need to make it!) in my Instant Pot and read more

CAMPs Best Blog Awards 2018

CAMPs Best Blog Awards 2018 1

By Nicole Anderson

CAMP – the Caravan and Motorhome Parts website, based in the United Kingdom, has announced their top 25 blogs for 2018.

CAMP has published it’s ‘25 Best Caravan Blogs & News Sources You Need to Follow Right Now’ on their website and everyone involved at Camping for Women is really pleased to be included in their list at #6.

Camping for Women recognized

A statement made by CAMP’s Tom Hutchison read: “Camping for Women’s blog was chosen for our CAMP awards list because of its read more

Winfields Best Blogs for 2018

Winfields Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping Bloggers for 2018

Winfields Best Blogs for Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping 2018

By Nicole Anderson

Winfields Outdoors has released its best blogs for 2018 and what a fantastic resource this is for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

In all, Winfields Outdoors has recognized 136 blogs from around the world across the following six categories:

Best General Outdoor Blogs

Best Walking and Hiking Blogs

Best Camping Blogs

Best Caravanning & Campervan Blogs

Best Outdoor Activity & Health Blogs

Best Travel Blogs

Within the announcement of read more

Man Woman Mountain.

Man Woman Mountain 2

Man Woman Mountain

By Emily Pennington

“The surest way to mend a broken heart is through a forest wilderness.”
John Muir

On really confusing evenings of self, I like to drink beer and make up quotations that John Muir definitely did not write. I summon him like my own, personal break-up Yoda the moment a man threatens to rip the sticky, sensitive tissue of my heart to shreds. I need this. A stubborn, fantasy-ridden reminder that things can still be beautiful, even when they do not read more

How are your post camping processes?

Post Camping Processes 1

By Lynley Joyce

It’s been a fantastic weekend camping and you’ve made it home after a long car drive. Everyone is off to work or school tomorrow, you’re exhausted and there’s a car full of camping gear, some of it wet and dirty. What do you do?

Post camping processes: Depends on the circumstances

Option 1: Forget about it until at least after work tomorrow, and preferably not even then. Just have a shower and go to bed.

Option 2: Offload the gear, then forget about it until you have time. Maybe just clear out the by-now festering cool box and read more

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