How to Work Remotely From Your Van or RV

By Samantha Rupp.

We’ve all seen it: those posts on the “Gram” of people living their “best life” while traveling to beautiful destinations in a van. While it all looks good and well in theory, when the reality of making a living and paying bills (of any kind) comes to mind, your dream of traveling to incredible destinations may seem like just an unattainable dream.

However, there are many people living in vans and traveling the country, so we know it’s possible. Dreams turn into realities read more

Experiencing the naturally beautiful Dutch countryside

Historic Delft landmarks blend seamlessly with newer construction against the naturally beautiful elements

The naturally beautiful Dutch countryside is quite unique compared to most other countries and its features are something you come to appreciate the more time you spend there. We are talking about a nation that has almost a third of its land beneath sea level, no mountainous terrain at all, an amazing array of canals and dikes to manage the water levels, and lovely fields of flowers as far as the eye can see.

The Netherlands might be a comparatively small nation but it has a surprising read more

5 Unique Campgrounds Across California to Add to the Bucket List

White Tank Campground

By Kelsey Krahn

Where do you even start with camping adventures in California? The national and state parks stretching across California’s 3531905 square miles jampacked with sand dunes, lakefront bliss, old-growth forests, granite walls, and a sweeping coastline make it tough to choose where to spend a few nights under the stars. Narrow down your choices from the thousands of campsites sprawled across California to five unique places to set up your tent, where you can happily fall asleep to read more

Guide to a Perfect Couple Trip During the Pandemic

Couple in Car

By Rebecca Shinn

Despite the hovering uncertainty left by the Covid-19 pandemic, vacation trips are on the itinerary for many couples, even those who prefer faraway destinations. However, your couple trip during this pandemic may entail what you don’t want to hear, thanks to the pandemic throwing a wrench in many couple trip ideas. For a new couple who may have met on the best hookup sites during this pandemic period, planning read more

Exploring Beautiful Zaanse Schans on the Zaan River, The Netherlands

Zaanse Schans on the Zaan River

Located on the east bank of the Zaan River, just north of the small city of Zaandam lies the traditional Dutch village of Zaanse Schans.

If you were ever keen to find one place that encompasses so many great icons the Netherlands is famous for in such a lovely, natural and historical setting, then Zaanse Schans is where I would recommend you visit.

We are talking about windmills on the river, Dutch riverboats, traditional clogs, gouda, edam, and other cheeses, green-painted houses, and crafts. Even read more

Top 8 Secret Beaches in India

Secret Beaches in India

By Lillian Harris


Indian beaches always have been one of the most popular tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. These beaches with panoramic views become a delightful place during this period. Although there is no shortage of attractive beaches in India, today we are going to take a tour of some concealed beaches from the famous beaches of the country, which you can plan by looking at your proximity.

Top 8 Secret Beaches In India:

You will get a wonderful view of many exotic beaches spread along the read more

Cruising the Amsterdam Canals, The Netherlands

Cruising the Amsterdam Canals

By Nicole Anderson

As a travel writer focused on sharing articles around locations of natural beauty, you probably wouldn’t expect to read anything from me about something located within a major European city.

Nevertheless, the waters making up the canals of Amsterdam are impressive and worth seeing when you are in the area.

Making up a combined system of over 160 canals, we are talking about waterways crisscrossing this city and together are over 100 kilometers (62 miles) in length. Although read more

Taking the very best train journey in Norway

Beautiful vista from the Bergensbanen Train Norway

Surprisingly not that well known outside of Norway, the Bergensbanen is nevertheless acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful train trips in Europe, if not the world. Train enthusiasts globally are well aware of this train and the route it takes. People who love to travel by train to enjoy seeing so much more than you can from the air also have this trip on their radar. Here you do not simply buy a train ticket but an amazing travel experience.

Traveling just short of 7 hours from the read more

Durango Colorado: A Nature-Lover’s Dream Come True

Durango Colorado

By: Sarah Frey

I recently got back from a wonderful outdoor adventure to Durango, Colorado. It is a gorgeous small town nestled within the San Juan Mountains, near the Animas River, that seems to be a quiet haven for rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whatever you choose, Durango is likely to have your journey waiting. From zip-lining, white water rafting, to hiking, or climbing—whether off-road or on the trail—Durango has plenty of options. If ever there was a place considered read more

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