Cruising the Amsterdam Canals, The Netherlands

Cruising the Amsterdam Canals

By Nicole Anderson

As a travel writer focused on sharing articles around locations of natural beauty, you probably wouldn’t expect to read anything from me about something located within a major European city.

Nevertheless, the waters making up the canals of Amsterdam are impressive and worth seeing when you are in the area.

Making up a combined system of over 160 canals, we are talking about waterways crisscrossing this city and together are over 100 kilometers (62 miles) in length. Although read more

Taking the very best train journey in Norway

Beautiful vista from the Bergensbanen Train Norway

Surprisingly not that well known outside of Norway, the Bergensbanen is nevertheless acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful train trips in Europe, if not the world. Train enthusiasts globally are well aware of this train and the route it takes. People who love to travel by train to enjoy seeing so much more than you can from the air also have this trip on their radar. Here you do not simply buy a train ticket but an amazing travel experience.

Traveling just short of 7 hours from the read more

Durango Colorado: A Nature-Lover’s Dream Come True

Durango Colorado

By: Sarah Frey

I recently got back from a wonderful outdoor adventure to Durango, Colorado. It is a gorgeous small town nestled within the San Juan Mountains, near the Animas River, that seems to be a quiet haven for rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whatever you choose, Durango is likely to have your journey waiting. From zip-lining, white water rafting, to hiking, or climbing—whether off-road or on the trail—Durango has plenty of options. If ever there was a place considered read more

Experiencing a Norway Road Trip along the Atlantic West Coast

Norway Road Trip header

Our Norway Road Trip – the best so far!

Norway is rightfully renowned for its stunning natural beauty.

Majestic Fjords, mountainous snowy peaks, literally thousands of beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation, crystal clear blue waters with virtually zero pollution, unspoiled islands, beaches are all wondrous sites you can experience in this amazing country.

Once you get out of the main cities, Norway’s natural assets exist on a grand scale everywhere you look. You don’t need to be a skilled photographer to capture great read more

The Most Popular Himalayan Treks for Women


By Shanu Pande

Women are the best creations of God. They are gentle yet strong, flexible yet steely, emotional yet calm. Today women are independent, free-spirited, and love to enjoy life from close quarters. There is hardly any domain untouched by women and trekking is one of them.

Many solo females are trekking to the remotest terrains of India. All this seems incredible in an outdoor activity that is challenging and certainly not for the chicken-hearted.

Safety is not an issue for solo female read more

Top 5 beautiful places to explore in Taiwan

By Jules Tan

Did you know that two-thirds of Taiwan is blanketed by forest landscapes? That makes Taiwan a great choice for outdoor exploration. It has hundreds of well-maintained natural trails for hiking, mountain streams for river tracking, and over 1700 campgrounds available for camping.

If you are looking for an amazing retreat, there are many hot springs scattered all over the island.

The best weather to go outdoors is from September to December and March to May. This is when the weather is read more

Taking a Road Trip above the Arctic Circle Norway

Road Trip above the arctic circle Norway 1

Travelling north on a road trip above north polar Norway is simply a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The natural beauty all around you is immense. There is just so much to see on such a grand scale that much of it takes your breath away.

Driving in winter up there can be quite dangerous, especially if you’re not used to the region, the changing weather and conditions. As we were going to be driving ourselves, my fiancé James and I decided that summer would be the preferred option. read more

Puerto Vallarta: More than Beaches and Margaritas

View of Puerto Vallarta from Cerro de la Cruz lookout, a short, steep hike from the city

By Carley Fairbrother

Two years ago we moved to the rainy west side of the Rockies. While we revelled in the easy-access to spectacular winter recreation, we found the gloomy weather in the valley difficult to swallow. By March, we needed a getaway.

With only a week to spare, we needed something quick, and while the major tourist destinations of Mexico have never had a big appeal to me, we decided that between time and budget constraints, Puerto Vallarta was the best candidate for helping us get read more

The Natural Beauty of the Midnight Sun Norway

Midnight Sun Norway along the road south of Bodo

Heading north of the arctic circle during summer in Norway is where you can witness a wondrous phenomenon known as the midnight sun. Indeed, Norway itself has often been referred to as ‘the land of the midnight sun’, although this can only really be seen way up in the north of the country.

You can also see the midnight sun in other countries such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada, USA (Alaska), Iceland and Denmark (Greenland). This is where the sun does not set during summer months within read more

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