Taking a Road Trip above the Arctic Circle Norway

Road Trip above the arctic circle Norway 1

Travelling north on a road trip above north polar Norway is simply a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The natural beauty all around you is immense. There is just so much to see on such a grand scale that much of it takes your breath away.

Driving in winter up there can be quite dangerous, especially if you’re not used to the region, the changing weather and conditions. As we were going to be driving ourselves, my fiancé James and I decided that summer would be the preferred option. read more

Puerto Vallarta: More than Beaches and Margaritas

View of Puerto Vallarta from Cerro de la Cruz lookout, a short, steep hike from the city

By Carley Fairbrother

Two years ago we moved to the rainy west side of the Rockies. While we revelled in the easy-access to spectacular winter recreation, we found the gloomy weather in the valley difficult to swallow. By March, we needed a getaway.

With only a week to spare, we needed something quick, and while the major tourist destinations of Mexico have never had a big appeal to me, we decided that between time and budget constraints, Puerto Vallarta was the best candidate for helping us get read more

The Natural Beauty of the Midnight Sun Norway

Midnight Sun Norway along the road south of Bodo

Heading north of the arctic circle during summer in Norway is where you can witness a wondrous phenomenon known as the midnight sun. Indeed, Norway itself has often been referred to as ‘the land of the midnight sun’, although this can only really be seen way up in the north of the country.

You can also see the midnight sun in other countries such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada, USA (Alaska), Iceland and Denmark (Greenland). This is where the sun does not set during summer months within read more

Embrace the Outdoors in Jodhpur India

Jodhpur, India

By Anahita Irani

Who doesn’t like a little bit of sun and adrenal rush on their holiday? Especially if you are an outdoor person who loves adventure sports. My recent trip to Jodhpur India – The Blue City had been an exciting one. Moreover, because Jodhpur has plenty of outdoor activities to offer in addition to the exceptional winter climate. My excursion just got even more exciting and filled with heart pacing, breathtaking and most amazing activities.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s second-largest read more

Best Hiking Trails in Southeast Asia


Discover 5 Best Hiking Trails in Southeast Asia

By Aline Gollin

People often think of Southeast Asia as a region packed with temples, food markets, and golden, sandy beaches; rarely does it get credit for its impressive trekking or hiking trails. But little do travelers know that aside from the usual tourist spots, Southeast Asia is also home to a litany of lush rainforests, beautiful, natural landscapes, and challenging trails that adventure-seekers will be delighted to visit.

As noted read more

The Natural Beauty of the Lofoten Islands Norway

The Marina at Svolvær Norway

If you don’t mind the cold so much and you love checking out island paradises, the Lofoten Islands Norway just might be heaven on earth for you.

There are few places in Europe that could possibly rival the sheer magnificent beauty of this amazing archipelago. By this, I mean majestic mountains and peaks, deep fjords, colorful fishing villages, open sea and sheltered bays, squawking seabird colonies, fabulous arctic-fresh air and long, surf-swept beaches.

When describing the Lofoten Islands, read more

5 Campsites near Tokyo Japan you will love!

Campsites near Tokyo Japan Karuizawa Sweet Glass

By Venese Lau

If you love camping and want to explore the camping scene, you might be surprised by all the wonderful places Japan has to offer. Most campsites are available throughout the year (yes, even in the freezing winters!). However, I’d recommend camping during the warmer seasons, between the months of March and September. Just avoid the few weeks of rain in June, and the typhoon period in late August, early September.

There are many different campsites in Japan, in places such as parks, read more

11 Best Freshwater Springs for Camping in Florida USA

Freshwater Springs at Ichetucknee

By Jessica Baker

Most travelers who choose Florida as their camping destination presume that it’s all beaches and amusement parks. On the contrary, the sunshine state is actually home to the largest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. Here I am happy to share with you the best freshwater springs for camping in Florida.

Its large aquifer below the surface of the entire state accounts for 90% of Floridian’s water source. It’s no surprise, then, that beyond a water supply, this read more

Practical Tips for Starting Your First Camping Vlog

Ever considered starting your first camping vlog?

By Carla Cohn

Vlogging has been around for quite some time, but it has picked up significantly over the past few years as a way for people to share a part of themselves, their daily routines, escapades, and adventures.

Travel vlogging has become quite popular too, allowing viewers a chance to live vicariously through other people. Vlogger Eva zu Beck has been documenting read more

Natural Beauty from the Atlantic Road Norway

Atlantic Road Norway

Our experience of the Atlantic Road Norway

This particular road was a ‘must-see’ for us as we took a Norwegian road trip from Bergen, north to visit places in the Arctic Circle during summer.

So, what is so special about this road you might ask?

The Atlantic Road (in Norwegian called Atlanterhavsveien or Atlanterhavsvegen) is a road that runs through an archipelago just off the mainland that offers wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and coastal landscape as you hop between a series of small islands and skerries, read more

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