Be Brave

Be Brave

By Patti Johnson

The first time I left the comfort of my coastal home for a solo overnight excursion in the wilds was because I wanted to “play hokey”, I needed to throw my To-Do list into the wind, to experience the thrill of the unknown and taste the elixir of the explorer. Deep down I also knew some serious immersion in nature would do my body some good. But the backroads and tangled forests of the Klamath Mountains were strange and scary to me. I had lived nearly surrounded by them for read more

Bouldering for Babies

Bouldering for Babies 1

Bouldering for Babies – My Story

By Kristi Westberg

First of all, let me say that this story does not involve a small child crag hopping. No children were harmed or even remotely involved in the making of this story, the only harm was to my own ego, which has become somewhat accustomed to the occasional bump and bruise. So the baby in this story is me, not the two thrill-seeking children who managed to out-climb, outmanoeuvre and beat me to the top of read more

Moon Running

Moon Running 1

A creative essay…

By Emily Pennington

The moment I decide to start trail running is around 4:51 pm on a Friday, my body tepid from four hours of sleep and sunset crawling over the horizon by the minute. Armed with a muddy pair of tennis shoes and no headlamp, I set off for Griffith Park after work, promising myself that, no matter what, I would not slow my pace below a run for the entirety of the six-mile trail.

*                                       *

Steady your breathing; find a rhythm. My insides read more

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