Emily Pennington, Contributer

Emily Pennington

Emily Pennington

Adventurer, Solo Traveler, Mountaineer

Los Angeles, California, USA

Emily Pennington (also known as the Brazen Backpacker) is an adventurer, solo traveler, mountaineer, quote collector, and all around lover of things that get people out of their comfort zones.

Put on her first international flight at 3 months old, she’s been adventuring in one way or another ever since! From wandering the forests of Sweden alone at the age of nine, taking photos of faeries, to solo trekking in the Himalayas of India, to joining the circus as a professional aerialist, Emily is a big fan of the “just get out there and do it” mentality.

She considers it her mission in life to inspire others to go outside, travel, and get curious about everything. As John Muir aptly put it, “going out is really going in.”


Contributions to Camping for Women



Emily Pennington was also a guest on the video series component of “Ask Natalie”, sharing her views on female solo travel:


Find more of Emily Pennington’s writing and photography here: https://brazenbackpacker.com/

Readers can also connect with Emily on social media:

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