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Calling all women outdoor adventurers from all corners of the globe…Knowledge Sharing by Women Campers

Do you have some knowledge you can share through the Camping for Women website?

A good tip? A funny story? Info on ‘how to…?’


Some ideas for knowledge sharing could be:Happy Campers sharing

  • A good tip (or tips) on any aspect of camping, hiking, glamping, fishing, boating/kayaking, trekking, mountain climbing, cycling, photography etc;
  • Your experience of a trip to a place of natural beauty anywhere in the world;
  • A campfire recipe or tips on cooking in the wilderness;
  • Ideas to keep children and family entertained;
  • Any wilderness stories (short or long, real or fiction);
  • Opinions on outdoor equipment, locations or things to avoid;
  • Some great natural scenic photos you’ve taken;
  • An article on anything that women outdoor adventurers might find interesting;Women Adventurers On A Couch Sharing
  • Sharing your views on any topic; or
  • Being a guest blogger on the site.


Anything that you would like to share, you can be sure other women outdoor adventurers would be interested and this is certainly the place to do it!


You don’t need to write a whole article or book to get involved. We would love to publish anything you would like to share with your fellow adventurers.

Using the web to benefit outdoor lovers everywhere


All contributions, large or small, featured on the website will provide full credit to the contributor in addition to receiving a copy of what was published (if also produced within a separate or broader publication).


So do put your thinking cap on and share something…


If you are serious about joining us, then check out our most recent Publishing Information and Guidelines


Published Contributor LogoBecome part of our extended outdoors family!

Join a cohort of many fabulous contributors from all over the world.

Passionate adventurers, explorers, guest bloggers, vloggers, nature lovers, travellers, photographers, writers, reviewers that all love to share with others.

Be recognised for your contributions to this site, including having your own author block containing links to your own site and/or social media

All you need to have is a love of the great outdoors and a keenness to share your passion.

We would love you to join us!


Just fill in the form below to express your interest and Nicole will get back to you right away:

You can also email Nicole directly if you like. Her email address is [email protected]

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