Here you can access a range of resources that we trust you will find useful in contributing to your wonderful experiences in the great outdoors.

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Local police taking a reportThis free download can be used again and again to plan your next trip and (most importantly) leave key details with local authorities, service providers, family and/or friends so that people know where you are and when to expect you to get safely home.




Free Checklists for lovers of the great outdoors

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If you are worried about forgetting stuff when you head out to enjoy the great doors, be sure to download one or more of these free checklists!

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Ask Natalie - Natalie McCarthyGet your answers

Do you have any real questions, concerns or issues related to your time in the great outdoors? If you do, chances are other women do as well.

Ask Natalie is a program designed to deliver answers on any matters that women need or want. No subject is too large or small and no topic is off limits.

Check out all the details about this fabulous resource available to everyone.




The Complete Safety Guide for Camping with Dogs

Camping with Dogs 3Ever thought about camping with dogs? Here are some things to think about before you go, packing notes, safety measures and some additional resources for you.

How to Prepare, What to Pack, and Campsite Safety for a Fun Outdoor Adventure with Your Dog.

It’s all here…a wealth of information at your fingertips to help you have the time of your life with your four-legged furry friend(s).



Camping for Women Channel

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Know Your Knots: Infographic

Know your knots 1Use this really easy infographic to discover which knots to use for which situations.

This resource also shows you how to make these knots when in the great outdoors.

A very neat and useful summary.


Get Outside!

Get Outside 1

Camping for Women isn’t alone in providing support for outdoor women adventurers. We support any organization that promotes the benefits of being out in nature.

Here we highlight some significant like-minded organizations that have produced some great promotion and resources for women who love and derive so much pleasure from being in the great outdoors.



A guide to Hiking with a Chronic Condition

Hiking and Chronic Conditions

Caitlin Evans shares a wealth of information and resources to help people with chronic conditions get the most out of being in the great outdoors. If you find your condition makes it hard to get the benefits of being in nature, read through this article and check out the links to other resources included to help you.



Adventurous Outdoor Women Blogs

Outdoor Women Blogs 1Savoring nature and writing about it

Today the vast numbers of women that spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors continues to grow and there is little wonder that many also love to share their knowledge and experiences through creating some great outdoor women blogs.

Here you will find our list of blogs done by ladies who we think are offering some great information and insight…




Future projects and resources

Ideas for future projects to develop

We are always thinking up new ideas to develop great resources based on what our readers, viewers and subscribers tell us.

Do you have anything in mind that you wish you had access to? If so, please share any ideas with us below and we will see if we can develop something for you and everyone else to use, enjoy and/or benefit from.


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