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Do you have any real questions, concerns or issues related to your time in the great outdoors? If you do, chances are other women do as well.

Ask Natalie is a program designed to deliver answers on any matters that women need or want. No subject is too large or small and no topic is off limits.

Professional licensed clinical psychotherapist and keen outdoors adventurer Natalie McCarthy addresses any and all matters in the video program and written column “Ask Natalie” while maintaining the privacy of women that pose their questions to her.

Natalie researches questions put to her and provides answers directly to each person and then shares this information (not disclosing the identity of anyone) with the broader outdoor women community.


Here is a 44 second teaser trailer on Ask Natalie:


The slightly extended trailer which goes for 77 seconds is here:


A joint initiative of Adventure Some Women and Camping for Women, the Ask Natalie video program is hosted on the Camping for Women Channel with episodes initially being produced every week. The founder of Adventure Some Women, Magretha “Mo” Palepale is one of the producers of the program along with Nicole Anderson of Camping for Women.

The Ask Natalie program is based on the success of the original Ask Natalie written column produced on the Adventure Some Women website.

Here is a welcome and introduction video to the program in which Natalie provides a summary of what Ask Natalie is all about:


Getting involved

To communicate directly with Natalie on any issue, email her: [email protected]


Browse the episodes

To see the playlist of all episodes published on the Camping for Women Channel, click here. After having a look through all that has been produced so far, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to be kept up to date with similar episodes and videos as they are produced.


Past Ask Natalie episodes:





















Officially launched on August 2, 2017 when the first episode was released, greater detail on the program was provided in an article published that day on the Camping for Women blog. You can see that article here.


Following the initial video series, Natalie also introduced a written column on the Camping for Women website.

Below are links to the columns she has written together with comments and interaction on various topics by proactive readers:

Dear Natalie, What is this? And why?

Dear Natalie: Walking on dirt really?

Dear Natalie You’re in Danger

Dear Natalie: Who else does this?

Dear Natalie: Told You So

Dear Natalie: Try The Outxe 3-in-1 Rugged Lantern

Dear Natalie: Getting my Passport

Dear Natalie: Try the Urban Canairie Hat

Dear Natalie: Try Outxes Rugged Power Bank

Dear Natalie: Try Sunski Glasses


If you would also like to join in a group of like-minded women, why not like the Ask Natalie Facebook Page and interact with others on this platform. Ask Natalie also has a Twitter page as well.

Last, but not least, we would love you to be involved to make the outdoors a better place for all women. Do be proactive within the program, either through asking a question or commenting within the Facebook page or Twitter account.

Finally, don’t forget to let other keen outdoor women know about the program. The more of us that get involved and benefit, the better for all of us!

Wishing you every success and happiness in your outdoor adventures.

Natalie and the Adventure Some Women and Camping for Women teams.


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