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Welcome to the Camping for Women Channel!

The development of the Camping for Women Channel has been in response to the growing popularity of video and comments of many people who say they prefer watching presentations on a screen instead of scrolling through information on their screen.

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Hosted on the massive YouTube platform the Camping for Women Channel contains specialist information for women campers from the website as well as videos made & shared by fellow campers in the wild on a variety of topics geared to maximising and enhancing outdoor experiences.

Below is the brief ‘trailer’ posted on the Camping for Women Channel to introduce people to the scope of what is covered and who the channel caters to:


In addition to the above trailer, the Channel was launched in early May 2016 with the following short videos:

Getting Involved with the Outdoor Women Community

Sharing Knowledge

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About Camping for Women

Free publication: Attention Women Campers: What you will never be taught about camping

The Camping First Aid Guide

Contributor Profile: Amanda Parent

The above videos were only the start of the Camping for Women Channel. This resource will be built over time with content from the women camping community and the Camping for Women team.

The first Woman Camper to put her hand up to contribute video content to the Channel was survivalist Mitra Cazaubon from Diamond, St. Lucia in the beautiful Caribbean. Mitra put together brief videos to support articles she has written on:

How to build a simple shelter in a survival situation; and

How to build a decent campfire for cooking.

We hope you will enjoy the videos posted on the Camping for Women Channel.

Click here to view all the playlists and videos on the channel.

Happy viewing! And please send us your thoughts, comments or suggestions through the Channel or via the contact us page on the website. Your views help shape our content to make sure you receive what you want from Camping for Women.

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