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Savoring nature and writing about it

Today the vast numbers of women that spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors continues to grow and there is little wonder that many also love to share their knowledge and experiences through creating some great outdoor women blogs.

Camping for Women champions those who not only embrace and enjoy all nature has to offer, but even moreso those who take the next step and want to share what they have, or what they have discovered. ‘Passing it down’ as it were and inspiring others to experience the same joy and happiness they feel in the great outdoors.

We have included some links below to some of the better outdoor women blogs that we have come across. All are done by women who love nature, each with a different focus depending on their outdoor interests and passion. Some are more experienced than others but all have that passion and speak from the heart.

If you happen to love what they write about, by all means subscribe to the particular blog(s) to get more information. In most cases you can also interact with other like-minded women through leaving comments on some of the blog entries that really interest you.

Here is our list of blogs done by ladies who we think are offering some great information and insight…

Outdoor Women Blogs

Whit’s Wilderness (Camping for Women Contributor)Outdoor Women Blogs 2

Brown Gal Trekker

Mountain Mom and Tots 

The Clueless Wanderer

My Perfectly Damaged Life

Lollygaggers Blog

Walking Two By Two

White Mountain Woman

Right Kind of Lost


If you know of other blogs written by women that you think should be here as well, let us know as we are always keen to add anything that our other readers and subscribers would find of interest.

Who knows? Maybe you might even be inspired from your outdoor adventures and be driven to start your own blog one day!

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