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Camping for Women supports any initiative that encourages, supports, educates and engages people positively on the growing numbers of women adventuring outdoors. We therefore support and promote like-minded organizations that promote and assist women enjoying the great outdoors.


Check out this fabulous video produced by Outdoor Research that showcases proactive women in nature:



At Camping for Women we champion organisations like the not-for-profit Outdoor Women’s Alliance who share our passion to support women globally to benefit from all the wonderful outdoors has to offer:



One of the key things that equip us to embrace nature is developing self-confidence. Often there is no better way to gain confidence than by listening to other women who inspire the rest of us to live our lives to the full. That point is well illustrated in the Arc’teryx defineFeminine campaign with their first video below:

Once we know we can enjoy and benefit from the great outdoors as much as men can, we can see ourselves as a ‘Force of Nature’ as so well shown in this 1-minute video from REI:

Embracing the outdoors sometimes come with other challenges. There are prejudices that we often need to overcome, as shown so well in this excellent short documentary on climbing produced by REI:

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