8 Tips for Making a Road Trip a Success

Making a Road Trip a Success

By Maggie Reichel

A road trip is such a fun way to see the landscape of an area while you drive to a destination. You could be heading to a spot you’ve visited many times before, or somewhere brand new. The romance of a road trip is bolstered in America because of the incredible geography we are privileged to call home.

On the other hand, *planning* a road trip can be viewed as an exciting introduction to the journey, or a special kind of hell, depending on who you ask. I personally view it closer read more

Travel Safely: How to Make a Winter Car Emergency Kit

Winter Car Emergency Kit

By Amanda Tallent

Taking on the cold for your next trip? The winter season can bring some beautiful white wonderland scenes to your hiking trail or campground, totally transforming the landscape. While you’ve most likely packed proper clothing and gear for your trek, have you prepared your car for winter weather too? Winter weather conditions like snow, sleet, and ice can make simply getting to your starting destination a challenge.

If you plan on driving to your next adventure during the winter read more

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