Pits and Bits Waterless cleaning solutions!

Pits and Bits

Pits and Bits® is the best way to wash when water isn’t easily available. All Pits & Bits® use Waterless Limited’s unique Towel Off® Technology to provide soft clean skin & hair wherever you are. Available in a range of sizes and ideal for post-race washing, camping, sports, and outdoor pursuits.”

-Pits and Bits website quote: https://pitsandbits.co.uk/

My review of Pits and Bits

By Samantha Kent

In the modern age of COVID-19 and the need to clean and wash on the go, a product has found a wider audience. read more

A Review of the Pillowpak

all four bags in front of the tent

By Jessica Shouse

If you are looking for a new, super versatile on the go bag, the Pillowpak is it! “The World’s first travel bag centered around your pillow.” With a 3-day travel capacity Pillowpak was designed with the entire family in mind. “Born from the idea that home is where you pack it, Pillowpak is designed to accommodate a range of needs. Lightweight, expandable and multi-functional.” Perfect read more

Emergency Paper Poo Bags Reviewed

Poo Bags

Poo Bags: Remove the Taboo from needing a poo.

By Samantha Kent

It’s an age-old saying “Does a bear s**t in the woods?” but the thing is sometimes it’s not just bears… Sometimes it’s not even the woods! As a children’s book so eloquently puts it “Everybody poops”. One thing the old saying nor the children’s book cover explains is… What to do, when you need to poo…. Yet there is no loo!

This is where the emergency poo bags come in!

The first thing I want to talk about with these bags is how funny they are. The art by Jenny read more

Review of the Outbright Camping Pillow

Outbright camping pillow bag

By Jessica Shouse

The Outbright Camping rest we got on my recent trip

I was thrilled to hear Outbright, the makers of the amazing Camping Lantern recently reviewed here on Camping For Women are now offering a Camping Pillow. I was given the opportunity to test out the Outbright Camping Pillow on a recent camping trip with my Mother and 8-year-old son along the Blue River in Summit County, Colorado. I was yet again very impressed!

The product is super lightweight and came in a compact little bag. This makes for easy travel and storage. It even read more

Skin Care with Colorado Aromatics

Colorado Aromatics products

By Sara Baird

Excellent Sensory Experience with No Fuss

When I was asked to review products from Colorado Aromatics, including a knuckle balm, I hesitated. I can’t say that I diligently use beauty products but I only had to give my hands a quick glance to say sure. As a teacher in the midst of flu season with news of Covid-19 just emerging, my over-washed and sanitized hands were a mess and I was hoping for some relief.

Colorado Aromatics designs skincare products using herbs from their certified naturally grown farm to address the skincare read more

Spouti – Review of new STP Device for Women


My experience and review

By Samantha Kent

With my disability, I have had to learn very quickly the importance of being free to pee. Quite often I find disabled facilities lacking in many areas so a few years ago I began looking into STP devices. STP Stands for Stand to Pee although with my use that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to stand.

Some of the devices on the market are internal. A little-known fact about the bladder is that its own system is very sensitive and is not good with coping with foreign bodies read more

How To Be Cozy On the Go – The Mozy

How To Be Cozy On the Go - The Mozy

By Sara Baird

There are many reasons I love living in Minnesota, one is that I could probably list wrapping up in a blanket as a favorite hobby and Minnesota’s climate means that many days are blanket days. I was intrigued when asked to review the Mozy, which is a wearable blanket designed to be worn outdoors and allow mobility. Is it a blanket that I could actually wear camping or would it prove to be the same hassle as trying to bring a blanket outdoors?

The Mozy arrived in a beautiful package read more

Review of the Outbright Camping Lantern

By Jessica Shouse

When I took my new Outbright Camping Lantern on my last camping trip I fell in love! This super-compact lantern is the perfect light for your next backpacking, family camping or boating trip.

As dusk set in and I started to wind down for the night I pulled out the lantern and set it atop the table. It provided just the right amount of light I needed to get my campfire started. Once my fire was going, I grabbed my favorite book and kicked back in my favorite camp chair. Again, perfect read more

The Bitty Big Q Portable Grill – Know Where Your Cooking Grate Has Been

By Sara Baird

Cooking over a campfire is always an adventure. One part of the adventure I’ve always worried about is using the grates provided at campsites when I have no idea how the last campers used it. When I was asked to review the Bitty Big Q camping grill, I saw an easily portable solution to the gross grate problem.

The Bitty Big Q is a foldable grill designed by Yehs Innovations Inc. in Ontario, Canada. This grill is made with 316 stainless steel, a corrosion resistance read more

A Review of The Windtamer – Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

By Sara Baird

My son has said since he was little that “everything tastes better when you are camping”. I agree, there is just something about eating your meal outdoors in all kinds of weather that improves the flavor of everything.

As the head chef of our camping expeditions, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges in preparing our meals. I’m an enthusiastic cook and I’ve never shied away from cooking for my family no matter where my current kitchen is located. Even at home, I’ve logged read more

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