Sombrilla Ranch Retreat Review

Sombrilla Ranch 6

Experiencing Sombrilla Ranch, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA.

By Jessica Shouse

I was thrilled when I first received the email from Nicole of with the opportunity to go to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and review a new Glamping getaway spot. The Pagosa area had been on my Colorado travel bucket list for quite some time. After a few email exchanges, the opportunity evolved into a giveaway for the first-ever, Women’s Glamping Retreat at The Barn on Sombrilla Ranch.

The Barn on Sombrilla Ranch sits on a sprawling 500 acre, fully operating, read more

Camping Test of the new Wolf’em Sticks

Wolf'em Sticks 2

Wolf’em Sticks are a new, fun and effective way of cooking over a campfire.

By Jessica Shouse

One of my favorite things about Summer is camping and one of my favorite things about camping is hanging out with family & friends around the campfire. Roasting smores & cooking over the fire is a favorite past time. I was recently introduced to a new product that takes on a new twist on this classic outdoor activity, Wolf’em Sticks. I had the opportunity to test them out on our recent Spring read more

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals Review

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals 1

Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals are definitely an easy and tasty solution when out on the trails.

By Jessica Shouse

Good tasting and good for you, easy to prepare, lightweight meals for outdoor activities like backpacking can be hard to come by, in my opinion. I am not a fan of your typical dehydrated meal… I was recently introduced to Nomad Nutrition REVdry Meals, ”food for the modern wanderer”.

Nomad makes delicious and energy-packed meals for all types of adventure lovers using the REVdry read more

Dear Natalie: Try Solo New York Backpacks

Solo New York Backpacks 3

Solo New York Backpacks Review

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Any suggestions on how to best schlep my stuff around town on a regular basis?


My Back Hurts


Dear Achy Back,

I always regret the carry-on I choose when I travel. I can never seem to choose correctly. I have a tendency to pick a bag I think will be easy – “Why not just shove everything in this tote?” – and later realizing on the airplane read more

Review of Moon USA National Parks

Moon USA National Parks

By Jessica Shouse

The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks

America’s National Park System is made up of 59 unique parks across the country. Whether you’re searching for extreme adventure, seeking peaceful solitude or planning a family vacation, the National Park System has something for everyone. It most certainly can be overwhelming to choose what park to visit, when to visit, and what not to miss during a visit.

There are 1000’s of guide books out there to assist you in planning your trip to any of read more

Dear Natalie Try the P-Rite

P-Rite 3

By Natalie McCarthy


Dear Natalie,

I am a bit uncomfortable taking a wee outdoors. Is there any hope for it ever getting easier?


Wobbly whizzer


Dear WW,

There are people whose physical constitution enables them to side-step many uncomfortable bathroom situations. These people do not know the panic of opening their floodgates, only to realize they’re squatting over a clump of poison read more

Dear Natalie: Try Outxe’s Cooler Backpack

cooler backpack 4

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

I can’t stand coolers. They’re difficult to lug to campsites, and even walking from the parking lot to the picnic spot is a hassle. They’re inevitably always red or blue, with a flimsy plastic handle, and the lids often get stuck. I have about three gathering dust in my pantry right now. With so much technological innovation in other fields, why has the cooler industry lagged behind? Do we have any other options?


Coolers aren’t cool

read more

Dear Natalie: Try No Bugs Insect Repellant Products

Reviews 9

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

I love spending time outdoors, but I don’t love insects. I’ve considered dropping an insecticide bomb on my entire region, but I heard that was a criminal offense. Do you have any ideas?


Bitten and Itchy


Dear B & I,

It’s so strange how local governments generally frown upon the use of wide-scale chemical insect repellants. Oh, it’s fine when they do it, but when read more

Dear Natalie: Try a Pocket Cocktail

pocket cocktail


By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Okay so – like – okay but have I told you that I love you? Oh my GOSH, this song is my JAM! Come dance with me. Come on. Come on. Karaoke? Come on. Ugh, why are you always so borrrrrring? Oh, look, tacos! Wait, like, but have you thought, like, ummmm…

…Huh? Oh we leave now? How come? No! I don’t want to go home! Wait, where is my left shoe?

Oh hey, did we meet yet? I’m not drunk, I swear. Kind of. *burp*

read more

Dear Natalie: Try Kühl Apparel

Kuhl apparel

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

I’ve heard there are people who hike, bike, and otherwise adventure wearing only their birthday suit. I, however, prefer to be clothed. What do you think about trying out the Kühl clothing line?


Not Enough Sunscreen


Dear NES,

For those of us who are a bit too modest to venture outdoors in the buff, Kühl offers a nice alternative: pants, shorts, skirts/skorts, shirts, outerwear, read more

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