Kristi Westberg, Contributor

Kristi Westberg

Kristi Westberg

Writer, Indoorsy Camper, Book Lover

Pasadena, California, USA


Kristi Westberg (also known as the Indoorsy Camper) grew up in Plano, TX surrounded by paved roads, city parks, the occasional stream and plenty of Target stores. True to her indoorsy name, she works as a book conservator, spending most of her time indoors with rare books and manuscripts.


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While attending grad school in England she met Catherine, an Irish girl who happily dragged her to cold windy beaches, made her do laps around ancient forts, and thought she’d be a better person for hiking the northernmost cliff edges of Ireland.

After many years traveling and living abroad, Kristi married Catherine. To put a stop to the incessant cold and rain she took a position in warm and sunny southern California. They now spend most weekends at warm sunny beaches, or hiking and camping in deserts and mountains.


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Kristi writes about the outdoors from a beginner’s perspective, because she is a beginner. She believes that all bodies are strong and capable of experiencing the outdoors and that they should have fun while doing it. Her hope is that by chronicling her mishaps and successes she will inspire other indoorsy types to have the courage to get outside.


Instagram: @indoorsycamper



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