6 Trekking Pole Uses

6 Trekking Pole Uses 4

6 Trekking Pole Uses – of the non-traditional kind.

By Kristi Westberg

I’ll be very honest. It took me quite a while to admit I needed a set of trekking poles.

I used to feel like trekking poles were a sign of weakness, an extra couple of things to carry, and unnecessary to my kind of hiking. BUT the truth is whenever I came to a river crossing or was faced with a steep set of rocks I would often borrow someone else’s poles for extra support and balance.

Several years of this led me read more

What to see in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park: A review of 4 great sites to see!

By Kristi Westberg

My wife Catherine and I went on our first camping trip together in March of this year. When we first met I remember her reminiscing about her many years spent working on archaeology digs in Ireland. She would explain the systematic method of digging holes, how she was always wet or merely damp if she was lucky, and how occasionally she would need to camp on the site. I always listened to these stories with interest read more

Bouldering for Babies

Bouldering for Babies 1

Bouldering for Babies – My Story

By Kristi Westberg

First of all, let me say that this story does not involve a small child crag hopping. No children were harmed or even remotely involved in the making of this story, the only harm was to my own ego, which has become somewhat accustomed to the occasional bump and bruise. So the baby in this story is me, not the two thrill-seeking children who managed to out-climb, outmanoeuvre and beat me to the top of read more

Nature Calling on Line One

Nature Calling on Line One 1

By Kristi Westberg

I have a confession to make.

I’ve never peed outside. (well, at least not until a few weeks ago)

[pausing for shaking heads and most likely eye-rolls]

I didn’t call myself the “Indoorsy Camper” because I like roughin’ it. I dubbed myself the “Indoorsy Camper” because I like to cook lamb tagine (recipe from Melissa Clark….you need to make it!) in my Instant Pot and read more

The Gear Can Wait

The Gear Can Wait 1

By Kristi Westberg

Who doesn’t love a trip to REI? When I walk in the store I get this invincible, adventurous, go out and get’em feelin that makes me want to do crazy things like hike the PCT or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. First they seduce you with a pitched tent right at the door then the rest of the store bamboozles you into purchasing a new water filtration system, special breathable underwear or an artisanal bag of dehydrated camp food.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE going there…but my bank read more

Indoorsy Camper – My Story

Indoorsy Camper 1 - Indoorsy

By Kristi Westberg

I grew up in the suburbs, surrounded by paved roads, city parks, the occasional stream and plenty of Target stores. I’m a knitter, a reader and a Netflix binger among many other things. I’ve NEVER thought of myself as an outdoorsy person. Sure, I had some tennis shoes and plenty of workout gear, but all of it was pristine thanks to my local sparkly gym…no dirt please, and thank you.

The Big Move

Two and a half years ago my wife Catherine and I moved from Massachusetts to Los read more

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