Our Founder, Nicole Anderson

Our Founder Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson

Enthusiastic Camper, Nature Lover, World Explorer, Dragon Boater, Breast Cancer Survivor, Women’s Advocate, Travel Writer, Blogger and Influencer

Founder and Publisher at Camping for Women

Nicole Anderson grew up in the rural town of Bendigo, surrounded by nature in country Victoria, Australia.

She first got her taste of international exploring when she accepted a senior school exchange program in Japan where she immersed herself in the local culture and learned to speak, read and write fluent Japanese.

Since graduating, Nicole spent time living abroad in Cambodia as well as travelling extensively to Canada, USA, Europe and within Asia and Africa, always being drawn by the changing natural beauty that exists across the world.

Early in 2000’s Nicole contracted breast cancer and had to undergo significant medication including chemotherapy. Since the successful course of treatment, she became a member of Dragons Abreast, a worldwide sisterhood of breast cancer survivors that compete internationally in Dragon Boat Races held in different parts of the globe. Nicole Anderson has competed nationally and internationally in this sport that also raises awareness of breast cancer.


Our Founder Nicole Anderson 3


Our Founder Nicole Anderson
Nicole’s team which competed in Vancouver, Canada. Nicole is 4th from left in the second row.


Here is a video of the team that Nicole trained with while on the Gold Coast in Australia:


Our Founder Nicole Anderson 2Professionally, Nicole has spent much of her time in the Tourism, Retail and Telecommunications sectors and since meeting her husband-to-be has travelled further across Oceania, South America and Scandinavia.

After founding Camping for Women in May 2015, she has worked hard to build an ever-growing resource for women around the world who wish to enjoy the great outdoors as much as their male counterparts. The website continues to grow each month in its readership, subscribers, advertisers and supporters.

Nicole loves talking with other women who are similar minded and enjoy time in the outdoors. She loves communicating and working with contributors to the website as well as writing and sharing her experiences herself whenever she can.

Aside from writing all of the background copy for Camping for Women Admin-related pages, she also shares her love of the outdoors through her Natural Beauty Travel Series.

Posts she has written include:


Features elsewhere

Aside from Camping for Women, Nicole Anderson has also been featured on other websites and has written and shared articles as a guest contributor. A couple of these include:

Our Founder Nicole Anderson


Featured via Interview by this award-winning travel blog, run by Sara Essop.




Our Founder Nicole Anderson 5Her Profile included on this popular supplier website and publishing an article with them.



You can always contact Nicole direct by dropping her an email anytime: [email protected]


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