RV Reviews names Best Camping Blogs

By Nicole Anderson

For those who love the great outdoors, RVs are a favorite way for many to get around and stay amongst nature in comfort and convenience. Whether you are on a big road trip or you just want to relax at a magical spot and settle there for a while, RVs are a great way to do it.

RV Reviews is a website specifically providing outdoor enthusiasts with detailed information about RV products, along read more

Expertido Best Camping Blog list

Best Camping Blog

Camping for Women has been included within the ‘Best Camping Blog’ list announced by Expertido.

By Nicole Anderson

In determining their Best Camping Blog list of 50, the editorial staff at Expertido considered different factors seen as important for readers.

Among the main factors assessed for the Best Camping Blog list were:

  • Consumer data protection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Straightforward to use and read, no errors
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Social media appearances

If you hadn’t heard of Expertido before, they are dedicated to the consumer and aims to provide them with thorough, unbiased and independent purchase advice. read more

TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs and Websites

TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs

Camping for Women is happy to announce the TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs and Websites for all those interested in the great outdoors.

By Nicole Anderson

This top 60 list has a variety of blog and website categories and includes some sites with very useful information for those who love adventure.

The TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs categories:

  • Best General Outdoor Blogs
  • Best Running Blogs
  • Best Hiking Blogs
  • Best Camping Blogs
  • Best Cycling Blogs
  • Best Skiing and Snowboarding Blogs

Camping for Women was included by TrailHeads. Kristin Harris of TrailHeads said that their team found Camping for Women to be a great resource. They have listed us under their ‘Camping’ category alongside read more

Moroccan Recognition of Camping for Women

Moroccan Recognition of Camping for Women 1

By Nicole Anderson

Great way to start 2019!

A Northern African Tour Company and Travel Agency has just named Camping for Women within its list of winners for their 2019 award.

Why us?

When we emailed to ask why Camping for Women was chosen as a recipient for this, Hamada, of Imzi’s Tours and Travel, replied by saying:

“You can’t create a list of Travel Nomads without including Camping Specialists. But who are we going to include? The Camping Neighborhood is Crowded. After Two Weeks of research, we have decided to read more

CAMPs Best Blog Awards 2018

CAMPs Best Blog Awards 2018 1

By Nicole Anderson

CAMP – the Caravan and Motorhome Parts website, based in the United Kingdom, has announced their top 25 blogs for 2018.

CAMP has published it’s ‘25 Best Caravan Blogs & News Sources You Need to Follow Right Now’ on their website and everyone involved at Camping for Women is really pleased to be included in their list at #6.

Camping for Women recognized

A statement made by CAMP’s Tom Hutchison read: “Camping for Women’s blog was chosen for our CAMP awards list because of its read more

Winfields Best Blogs for 2018

Winfields Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping Bloggers for 2018

Winfields Best Blogs for Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping 2018

By Nicole Anderson

Winfields Outdoors has released its best blogs for 2018 and what a fantastic resource this is for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

In all, Winfields Outdoors has recognized 136 blogs from around the world across the following six categories:

Best General Outdoor Blogs

Best Walking and Hiking Blogs

Best Camping Blogs

Best Caravanning & Campervan Blogs

Best Outdoor Activity & Health Blogs

Best Travel Blogs

Within the announcement of read more

Ask Natalie video program for women outdoor adventurers starts today!

Ask Natalie Banner Dear Natalie: Who else does this?

By Nicole Anderson

If you have seen posts published on Camping for Women’s YouTube, Facebook or Twitter accounts over the past two weeks, you might already have seen the video trailers of the brand new and exciting ‘Ask Natalie’ program.

If you haven’t seen or heard what all the fuss is about yet, then do scroll through this post and have a look at this fabulous and latest development to come onto the scene.

So what is ‘Ask Natalie’?

Ask Natalie is a dedicated free resource for all women outdoor enthusiasts read more

Liebster Award to Camping for Women

Liebster Award 1

By Nicole Anderson

Camping for Women was just given the Liebster Award.

So what is the Liebster Award?

For anyone who doesn’t know what the Liebster Award actually is, it is a virtual award that is passed on from blogger to blogger as a show of support, and it also helps to promote any fellow bloggers that many enjoy reading.

The rules that apply when you are nominated for, and accept the Liebster Award are:

So to start, we want to recognize and thank the person who nominated us:

Liebster Award Nominator:

For this award, Camping for Women was nominated read more

Happy Second Birthday Camping for Women

happy second birthday 1

Happy Second Birthday Camping for Women!

By Nicole Anderson

Camping for Women is now officially 2! So we are marking our ‘happy second birthday’ with this brief message.

The website www.campingforwomen.com went live with its first blog post on 23 May 2015 and it’s hard to believe that was two years ago.

We had a very busy second year as we built on the foundations laid in the first year.

Top 10 achievements for this past year include:

  • Published The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook for hikers, campers and glampers
  • Launched an online shopping portal: The Global Outdoor Adventure Store in conjunction with Amazon
  • Produced checklists for hikers, backpackers, campers, and RVers for free download
  • Built on our library of 91 articles written by outdoor women adventurers to over 250
  • Launched a Travel and Adventure tab on the site to include specific travel content
  • Increased regularity of free article posts for subscribers and facilitated comments for these
  • Partnered with Brown Gal Trekker on the International Film Project to promote outdoor women based on the piece ‘Don’t Date a Woman Who Treks’
  • Expanded recognition of regular contributors through dedicated pages and contributor logo
  • Promoted other women outdoor adventure blogs of interest to readers and subscribers
  • Recognised with the Versatile Bloggers Award given by bloggers for quality content

So much done, but so much still to do…

So what’s being planned next for year 3?

Well, we have a few things that we are working toward right read more

The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

By Nicole Anderson

Camping for Women has just received the Versatile Blogger Award, recognizing the efforts of everyone involved with its blog.

So what is the Versatile Blogger Award?

The Versatile Blogger Award is a peer award where bloggers nominate other bloggers who they believe deserve some recognition for their high-quality standard of writing, images, uniqueness of the bloggers content, passion and love displayed throughout the website.

In this case, Camping for Women was recognized for all its efforts read more

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