COVID-19 Brings Large Operational Changes to Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

By Jessica Shouse

Rocky Mountain National Park

Nestled in the quaint mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado, this park holds a very special place in my heart. I am blessed to live only about an hour away and also to have a job that takes me into town frequently. The beauty and splendor of Rocky’s peaks, waterfalls and lakes is unmatched. Rocky boasts breathtaking views of the Continental Divide and the famous Long’s Peak, which can be seen throughout the park. At over 12,000 ft above sea level, Rocky is famous for the highest, read more

Women Living Off The Land

Women Living Off The Land is doable

And Things to Consider Before Doing So

By Dawn Greer

Women know inherently that anything that boys can do, we can do as well, if not better. While women don’t have the brute strength that is sometimes required for certain jobs, they have the ability to organize and think outside of the box in ways that enable them to get jobs done without muscles. My father used to tell me, “If you work smart, you don’t have to work hard.” This is true and I learn more about what he meant with each day that goes by.

So, while you may not be able read more

Skin Care with Colorado Aromatics

Colorado Aromatics products

By Sara Baird

Excellent Sensory Experience with No Fuss

When I was asked to review products from Colorado Aromatics, including a knuckle balm, I hesitated. I can’t say that I diligently use beauty products but I only had to give my hands a quick glance to say sure. As a teacher in the midst of flu season with news of Covid-19 just emerging, my over-washed and sanitized hands were a mess and I was hoping for some relief.

Colorado Aromatics designs skincare products using herbs from their certified naturally grown farm to address the skincare read more

Camping essentials when pregnant

Camping essentials when pregnant

By Shahin Akash

How do you feel about sleeping outside at night? It’s exciting, isn’t it? It is always more thrilling when staying up in the hills or even in a jungle. Probably, that’s why people like to go camping, hiking, hunting, travelling and so on.

Do you want to have such thrilling experiences? Can’t go because of pregnancy? You might think pregnancy creates a restriction in going camping, but that’s not the truth at all. Instead, being out in nature is good for the health of read more

13 Best Essentials for Family Road Trips

13 Best Essentials for Family Road Trips

By Rachel Green

Road tripping is always adventurous and fun, not just getting it from starting point to the endpoint, but to watch the hidden beauty of nature, which you will never get if you fly. However, the road trip comes with many challenges and inconveniences, the maximum time it is costly.

To make your road trip easier with your family, we are bringing you the top 13 essentials to pick for your trip and why those items are necessary for your journey.

Top 13 Essentials for Family Road Trips

  1. An Infant Car Seat:

If you have a cute baby and read more

Protecting Your Camera Gear When Camping

Protecting your camera gear 1

By Kelly Joyner

Camping can be all about getting away from civilization and back to nature. Unfortunately though, Mother Nature can some pretty unique ideas of fun when it comes to changing weather patterns.

Knowing how to protect your photography gear while camping can help keep your outdoor experience fun and safe for you and your equipment.

Protecting your camera gear

Carrying your camera body, lenses, memory cards and batteries in small, ziplock plastic bags will help protect your gear from excess moisture. read more

The Natural Beauty of Geirangerfjord Norway

By Nicole Anderson

Geirangerfjord in the Kingdom of Norway: Our favorite Fjord!

Geirangerfjord Norway is a world-famous, UNESCO listed site that combines majestic high cliffs, lush green vegetation, magical ice-cold waterfalls and calm, dreamy, emerald waters to make this fjord arguably the most beautiful read more

Spouti – Review of new STP Device for Women


My experience and review

By Samantha Kent

With my disability, I have had to learn very quickly the importance of being free to pee. Quite often I find disabled facilities lacking in many areas so a few years ago I began looking into STP devices. STP Stands for Stand to Pee although with my use that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to stand.

Some of the devices on the market are internal. A little-known fact about the bladder is that its own system is very sensitive and is not good with coping with foreign bodies read more

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

Lessons Learned from my First Solo Camping Trip

By Morgan Rogue

At the time of my first solo camping trip, I did a lot of research of my location, what I was going to take, how I was going to set up camp, etc. I had intended to stay two nights, but I ended up only staying one night due to a variety of factors.

I was so excited to camp on my own. Prior to my first solo trip, I had camped a lot with my family when I was a kid. After that, I had always gone with past boyfriends and my husband. Never read more

How To Be Cozy On the Go – The Mozy

How To Be Cozy On the Go - The Mozy

By Sara Baird

There are many reasons I love living in Minnesota, one is that I could probably list wrapping up in a blanket as a favorite hobby and Minnesota’s climate means that many days are blanket days. I was intrigued when asked to review the Mozy, which is a wearable blanket designed to be worn outdoors and allow mobility. Is it a blanket that I could actually wear camping or would it prove to be the same hassle as trying to bring a blanket outdoors?

The Mozy arrived in a beautiful package read more

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