Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack – A Lower Price Quality Choice

Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack

By Sara Baird

When shopping for hiking and camping equipment I am always torn between more expensive brands with all the bells and whistles and lower-priced packs with less. The Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack is a pack with a lower price tag that still comes with plenty of features to serve your needs. The pack arrived just in time to fill it up and bring it along on a winter read more

Being Pandemic Prepared: A COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson

What to Have Prepared in Case of a Pandemic A COVID 19 Lesson

By Samantha Rupp

If you were caught off guard by the COVID-19 pandemic, you certainly weren’t the only one. Amid local governments putting lockdowns and quarantine measures into place, individuals and families across the country found themselves unprepared to deal with a pandemic and, in many cases, they panicked. Local grocery stores ran short on canned food and other non-perishables, in addition to personal hygiene items like toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, and face masks.

However, the more read more

Isobaa Clothing – Beautiful, Comfortable, and a Quality Ecological Choice

Quality and comfort. Just love Isobaa Clothing!

By Sara Baird

Every time we purchase a product, we have the chance to pause and consider the ecological impact of our purchase. In our busy lives, this can be yet another overwhelming factor to consider. I would like to say I am always aware and make the best choice I can but I definitely can do better on this front. When I received the request to review some products from Isobaa clothing, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out products from a company with high standards when it comes read more

My Custom Envy Blanket Review

Custom Envy Blanket

By Jessica Shouse

As a nature & landscape photographer, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review a neat new company, Custom Envy, which you can check out at www.customenvy.com. Here you can easily create your own high-quality custom photo products. You can choose from phone cases, blankets, drink tumblers, mugs, towels, journals, notebooks, clocks, and canvas prints.

As I was exploring the website, I created previews of several of the products using several of my photos. My favorite were read more

How Surfing Started: did you ever wonder?

how surfing started

By Michelle Williams

It seems that whenever the question of how surfing started is brought up, people don’t really know a clear answer but there are many stories. For many people, the first thing to come to mind when thinking at the beginnings of surfing, is probably a surfer somewhere in Australia. There has been some debate about surfing, both for and against, in Australia, so it is understandable that many surfers feel they know what actually happened when surfing started. But what exactly read more

Improving your skin for the outdoors: DermRollers Review

DermRollers Review

By Jessica Shouse

My experience and DermRollers Review

You may have heard of microneedling. This noninvasive skincare routine “heals and restores skin by creating microscopic punctures on its surface, thereby stimulating the production of elastin and collagen and boosting the body’s natural healing response.” The new second-generation DermRoller is available now at www.dermrollers.com.

“DermRollers was founded by a dermatologist and a holistic health enthusiast when they discovered what they called the “Holy Grail” read more

Taking the very best train journey in Norway

Beautiful vista from the Bergensbanen Train Norway

Surprisingly not that well known outside of Norway, the Bergensbanen is nevertheless acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful train trips in Europe, if not the world. Train enthusiasts globally are well aware of this train and the route it takes. People who love to travel by train to enjoy seeing so much more than you can from the air also have this trip on their radar. Here you do not simply buy a train ticket but an amazing travel experience.

Traveling just short of 7 hours from the read more

9 Contact Lens Safety Tips For Outdoor Enthusiasts

By Faye Napigkit

Being outdoors is a lot of fun, especially if you’re with your friends. However, spending time outdoors can be a hassle for contact lens wearers because they have to take additional precautions.

The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you’re planning on going camping, hiking or trail running, or doing any sort of outdoor activity, here are nine contact lens safety tips that will enable you to maximize your enjoyment of nature.

Wear daily disposable contact lenses.

Wearing read more

Essentials for Women Camping

Essentials for Women Camping

By Evelin Weiss

When it comes to camping, there’s one thing that we can’t fail to notice: it’s easier for men than it is for women. Women have different needs, different comfort levels – and while a man might feel perfectly comfortable in a certain camping zone, a woman might be counting the minutes until she gets home. And let’s not get started on the toilets.

However, with the right preparation, every woman should be able to enjoy camping to the fullest. She just needs to know what to read more

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