How are your post camping processes?

Post Camping Processes 1

By Lynley Joyce

It’s been a fantastic weekend camping and you’ve made it home after a long car drive. Everyone is off to work or school tomorrow, you’re exhausted and there’s a car full of camping gear, some of it wet and dirty. What do you do?

Post camping processes: Depends on the circumstances

Option 1: Forget about it until at least after work tomorrow, and preferably not even then. Just have a shower and go to bed.

Option 2: Offload the gear, then forget about it until you have time. Maybe just clear out the by-now festering cool box and read more

Using a post camping checklist or process

Free Checklists post camping

By Lynley Joyce

Packing up, getting home and unpacking is the part of the post camping process most of us enjoy the least. Here’s a bit of a rundown to help you get through it all.

1. Packing up

There are two broad approaches to packing up the campsite.

  1. Clean, dry and organise everything as much as possible to make life easier back at home.
  2. Stuff everything back into bags and the vehicle to worry about when you get home.

Obviously (A) is the better option, but it’s not always practical. If the last day of camping is wet, most of us get out as quickly as possible. Often most of us have better things to do on the last day of a camping trip than ‘housework’. read more

Winter Camping: Tips for Success

Winter Camping 1

By Lynley Joyce

Winter camping can be cold, dark, wet and windy, maybe even snowy. Many of us are fair-weather campers. We aim to be out in the elements when the weather is almost guaranteed to be favourable, but there are real joys to camping in winter. The trick is to stay warm and dry.

Camping when there can be snow on the ground is possible with the right equipment and preparation. This equipment can be expensive. People do sometimes go winter camping in North America or Europe, or in mountainous read more

Dry but delightful: Hiking in the desert

Hiking in the desert

By Lynley Joyce

Deserts are dry, dangerous and often barren. So why would anyone go hiking in the desert?

It’s because deserts can also be stunningly beautiful with a wide range of plants and wildlife tenaciously hanging on to the rugged and sometimes dramatic landscape.

Desert trails

If you are considering hiking in the desert, the United States hosts some of the world’s best desert walking trails, and there are plenty to choose from. Most are in the Southern and Western states. Popular spots include Big read more

Ever tried Orienteering?

Orienteering 1

By Lynley Joyce

Campers and orienteers share a love of being in the great outdoors so it’s not surprising that many orienteers are also campers and vice-versa.

What is it?

Orienteering is both a physical and mental sport. It involves finding a certain number of “points” in an area as quickly as possible. The area might be an urban setting, but more commonly are in parks or wilderness areas. Serious orienteers run the course, but people can also walk it. Before starting, people get a map of the area showing read more

Hiking and backpacking when it’s wet

wet 1

By Lynley Joyce

You’ve organised a walk with friends. It’s been months in the planning and the weather forecast is for heavy rain. What do you do?

Consider your options

The colours can be more intense just after rain, and hikers can get that extra sense of being out in the elements. Life would be sad we only went out when there’s a 100% chance of fine weather. Still, some people like hiking in the rain, but most of us don’t love it.

One option is to choose a shorter or less exposed walk and then have read more

Hiking with kids – Making it fun for all

Hiking with Kids

By Lynley Joyce

Camping and hiking with kids can be rewarding for everyone. Here are some things you should consider to make the experience a really good one to enjoy and remember.

Keep the long-term in mind

Is the goal to climb that mountain this weekend, or to encourage a life-long love of hiking? The world is full of passionate campers and hikers introduced to the great outdoors by their parents or others. Sadly, there are others put off by bad experiences.

Keep it well within their abilities

Healthy kids can walk a good distance in a day but, when pushed read more

Hiking food: Eat well while carrying less

hiking food

Enhance your experience in nature by enjoying better hiking food.

By Lynley Joyce

Hiking food: Nothing tastes better than a hearty meal at the end of an excellent day’s walk. The trick is to not be too exhausted from having to carry your food.

Day walks are simple. Pack your lunch box, take a bottle of water and you’re off. Some people like to take a thermos of tea, or another option is a small camp stove to make yourself a cuppa along the way.

Flatbreads or cracker biscuits are good lunch options read more

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