Alessia Morello is an Italian girl who loves hiking, nature and climbing. She lives in the north-east of Italy in the middle of the famous Dolomites mountains where she makes her walks and likes to take pictures and videos. Often accompanying her is her dog Giorgino that you can see in many adventures in the mountains. She likes to tell people about her homeland and the beauty of these not very touristy areas. Alessia has travelled the world with her work for many years but two years ago she preferred to settle in her homeland and return to live a simple life.  She lives with her boyfriend and her dog, where they grow their garden, they are close to their family and can spend time doing treks and staying more together.  They love to cook (Italian cliche) and are vegetarians. You can read about their adventures in the mountains (and not) on the website:" />

Discover the northeast of Italy

Discover the northeast of Italy 1

By Alessia Morello

Hi girls,

Today I decide to write a different post.

It’s not just a trekking post, it is more a celebration of my homeland.

Discover the northeast of Italy – The place where I’m from

You have to know that my region is not considered much at all in Italy. Sometimes this is sad and sometimes I’m happy for that because we don’t have many tourists that hike and explore our incredible mountains.

I live in the northeast of Italy, in Friuli Venezia read more

Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy

Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy 1

By Alessia Morello

The best tree houses to sleep in while in Italy

If you’ve always wandered to sleep in a tree house surrounded by meters and meters of snow … now is the time! Who doesn’t love an Amazing Tree House?

The United States has been the forerunners of this wonderful idea and even Italy in recent years has worked hard to make tourists and locals live a unique experience by spending a holiday staying meters high in the middle of our amazing woods.

I’m so happy to announce that one of the most beautifully read more

The Best 5 Apre-Ski Resort Areas in Italy

Apre-ski 2

By Alessia Morello

From late November to early December, all Italian skiing areas begin to count down for the beginning of the ski season. If the snow arrives in advance, like this year, the ski resorts first open to the happiness of snowboarders and skiers who for 7 months are in a trepid wait.

Skiing is a tradition in Italy, if you live in the Alps and the Dolomites when you’re a kid it’s the norm to get up on Sunday at 6:00am, prepare skis and boots and leave for one of the many read more

The 5 most beautiful sea treks in Italy

Sea Treks in Italy 1

by Alessia Morello

Autumn in Italy has arrived and fortunately it is the perfect season for trekking along the sea paths.

The temperature in these months is mild and the winter wind has not yet risen.

In addition, the incredible phenomenon of foliage has begun, which in contrast to the crystalline waters of our sea will make your trail an unforgettable experience.

Many people think that the sea in Italy is only sand and beach although in reality this is not so. Our coasts are covered with mostly of read more

Beautiful Treks in the North of Italy

Beautiful Treks in the North of Italy 1

By Alessia Morello

If you are a trekking lover, the north of Italy with its thousands of trails is the ideal place to go. There are certainly Beautiful Treks in the North of Italy.

Whether you decide to go trekking in the Alps, Dolomites or Friulian Dolomites, the scenery will always be spectacular and full of pleasant encounters such as deer, eagles, marmots, cows and goats… and yes! Sometimes you can find bears but is very rare to meet them.

In Italy the flags to follow in the paths are read more

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