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Jessica Shouse

Jessica (Jessy) Shouse

Photographer, Blogger, Gear Reviewer, Avid Nature Lover, Volunteer US Forest Service

Colorado, USA


Jessica Shouse 1Jessy is a 30 something, wife, mother, photographer, blogger, gear reviewer and avid nature lover. Nature, hiking and camping are her game! Jessy is blessed to call colorful Colorado and her beautiful Rocky Mountains home. Jessy lives just 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and spends as much of her free time in the park as she can. Frequently visiting the park for Sunday morning sunrise sessions that are truly breathtaking! Jessy is also a volunteer for the US Forest Service and conducts patrols of some of her favorite trails in the Indian and James Peak Wilderness areas.

Getting out and enjoying nature, being in the mountains helps Jessy to escape the pressures of life. It is not uncommon for Jessy to go on 10+ miles hikes by herself. Being up in those peaks takes away all her stress and worries. It is her solitude, her peace – her healing place. She goes to the mountains to seek guidance and find clarity. Jessy believes deeply in and advocates for all the health, mental and physical, benefits that spending time in nature provides. There is more and more scientific, evidence-based, research supporting this. Jessy tries to share that with as many people as she can.

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Reconnecting with nature and developing a true passion for hiking and the outdoors has literally saved Jessy. Diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder at the young age of 14, Jessy has used the power of nature to help heal childhood wounds and cope with the post-traumatic stress disorder of her son Jacob, now 8, being born 9 weeks premature and experiencing several severe health battles, including having major brain surgery.

Through her honest and authentic writing on her Colorado Mountain Momma blog, accompanied by her nature photography, Dragonfly Colorado, Jessy aims to share how nature has been one of the, if not the most, powerful healing tools for her in overcoming her mental health struggles. By opening a very candid and personal door into her own journey and life experiences Jessy hopes to show others that they too can benefit from all nature has to offer. Jessy aims to guide others on how to find a healthy balance between catering to life’s responsibilities and caring for one’s self and one’s deep passions.

“Her religion is the Earth. The mountains, the air, the water, the fire and the soil are her sanctuary. They live in her as she lives in them.” -Colorado Mountain Momma, Jessy Shouse-


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Contributions to Camping for Women


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