Glamping Southern California Destinations

Glamping Southern California 5

By Lucy Gomez

Are you wondering about what glamping Southern California means? Did you know that there are a lot of places where you and your loved ones can go glamping? Get to know these amazing destinations by reading the information below.

For people who don’t know, glamping Southern California means going camping while enjoying the beautiful glamourous sky that is full of stars in comfort. Glamping is short term for glamour camping, wherein nature is giving you the best that it has to offer read more

How To Start Backpacking

start backpacking 1

Backpacking: How To Start and Be Fearless in the Wilderness

 By Lucy Gomez

Imagine leaping into a fresh-water stream, feeling the icy shock as you plunge in and the buzz as you warm back up again… the most energizing feeling in the world! Stepping into the wild opens the opportunity to discover the world’s stunning beauty, and maybe even encounter rare wildlife too! On top of that, it’s proven to boost your body and mind. So what are you waiting for?

OK, so maybe that all sounds terrifying. Don’t worry though, it did to me once too, you’re read more

Joshua Tree as a magical desert spot

Joshua Tree

Explore the Magical Desert of Joshua Tree, California, USA

By Lucy Gomez

Explore the Ancient Desert at Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree Park is considered as a magical and massive desert land, which is about 790,000 square acres. And speaking about the desert, here you need to know that there is absolutely no electricity, no lights, no food service and mobile receptions. Water is a scarce resource, so when coming here make sure that you bring enough to last during your visit. Luckily, there are toilets available, however, they’re not the flushing read more

Where Should You Pitch Your Tent?

Pitch 1

By Lucy Gomez

While established campgrounds offer you restrooms, water and points for your electrical equipment, you have to deal with people going in and out. If you are tired of the noise, the time is now to set off on your own adventure. Gather your gear and head into the wild. Just make sure that you read these tips on how to find a good tent campground.

For the camper, choosing where she sleeps read more

10 Common Camping Mistakes to Avoid

Common Camping Mistakes

By Lucy Gomez

In today’s hectic schedule, everyone feels tired and stressed with their daily responsibilities at home or even at work. The feeling of being suffocated and wanting to get away happens from time to time. Who would not be tempted by the idea of spending a night under the stars, the comforting warmth and the dancing glow of a bonfire, the chirping of insects, the sound of flowing water in a nearby stream or river and the awesome stories and laughter shared with friends while drinking read more

Packing for Camp and the Outdoors

packing for camp 1

By Lucy Gomez

Packing for camp should be thought about carefully. Planning for a camping trip can be hard work, as camping requires a lot of gear to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Your list should obviously start with the basic necessities, that being food, water, and warm clothes, among a lot of other things, but there are also quite a few more items that you may not realize you are going to need.

What Do I Need With Camping?

Depending on the type of camping trip you are planning to have, there are multiple different categories read more

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