How to Spend the Holidays Outdoors + Wanderlust Printables

By Janey Velasco

We all know the outdoors are a great escape from reality. Whether you need a weekend away from work or a week-long camping trip with your best friends, connecting with nature will help you regroup and forget about the stressors of our day-to-day life.

But camping isn’t just for destressing, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed year-long. While scrolling through travel blogs and social media, you’ll find so much wanderlust inspiration that you’ll be wanting to head out as read more

Fun Camping Bridal Shower Ideas

By Janey Velasco

Let’s face it, not everyone wants a Paris themed bridal shower. Sometimes embracing a favorite childhood memory or activity can be the magical theme every bridal shower needs. Whether you met your lifelong best friends at summer camp, simply love the outdoors or the annual glamping with the girls is your mojo, a camping themed bridal shower could beat the Paris cliche anytime.

To help put together the perfect camping or glamping bridal shower, we compiled a few fun ideas that read more

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