Camping Calendar Events (USA)

camping calendar

Want to plan ahead for your outdoor adventures? Check out this Camping Calendar Events for those in the USA, laid out month by month…

By Shelby Kisgen

We women sure do lead busy lives. Due to that, finding time to go camping can be difficult. Between work, family, friends, bills, and laundry, escaping for a weekend retreat in the woods can seem impossible. However, on holidays, people are not just allowed to slow down and enjoy themselves, it is expected. So when you are feeling frazzled and read more

Camping: Pick your Sport

pick your sport

Why spend heaps at indoor gyms when in nature, you can pick your sport from so many great options?

By Shelby Kisgen

Camping is considered a leisure sport because if all you want to do is eat and sleep outside that is perfectly acceptable. If you want more rousing entertainment, it is a good idea to pair camping with other outdoor activities. This provides more comradery and memories than just simply sitting outside a tent for hours on end. The list provided is a simple guide to pick your sport, read more

3 Ways to potty in the woods

3 ways to potty in the woods

By Shelby Kisgen

Camping is a blast; pooping in the woods, not so much. There are multiple ways to remain hygienic, sanitary, and polite when taking care of digestive needs in the wilderness. From simple to complex, here are 3 ways to potty in the woods.

  1. Dig a Hole: If you are going on a day hike and nature calls in the metaphorical way, it is silly to try to build a lean-to porta potty or find the nearest public service station. Instead, move away from prying eyes and dig a hole. Use a stick, claw up the dirt, or pack a shovel, whatever works just make it deep enough that it will not be easily unearthed if someone unknowingly steps on it. Answer nature’s call, then cover the hole with dirt, leaves, and twigs. Pack out toilet paper; do not bury it. Yes it will decompose, but it is better to leave no trace. Wrap the soiled toilet paper in clean tissue, seal it in a bag and pack it out. Remember to apply hand sanitizer afterward.
  1. Pee Party: When you need to pee but not anything else, just find a hillside and remember to always let it flow down. Make sure you are not mooning anyone, or peeing near a water source. Natural run-off in that sense is a very bad thing indeed. Use hand sanitizer after!
  1. Build a Bathroom: For a while Build-a-Bear was the chicest present to give a kid. Building a porta-potty is not so fun, but far more useful. When doing an extended camping trip, packing out waste is much easier on the environment. To build your own inexpensive portable toilet, you just need a few items.

– 5 gallon bucket or milk crate

– Seriously heavy duty garbage bags

–  A snap-on toilet seat

– Tarp and rope or bailing twine

Make sure you set up your toilet downwind from camp, and a good distance away for read more

Choosing the best camping shoes for you

camping shoes

By Shelby Kisgen

Shoe time is a woman’s favorite time. What is it about women and shoes? While that mystery shall remain unsolved, it is important to pick the right shoes when going camping. While you might love all your little leather babies, some are better suited for camping than others. When packing your bags, make sure you consider which shoes to choose for camping by considering these tips first.

Walking Shoes: Whether you plan to hike or not, camping involves lots read more

6 Essential Fishing Tips for Beginners

fishing tips

By Shelby Kisgen

One of the most peaceful ways to become in tune with nature is to sit on the river bank and watch the flowing water. A way to enjoy water that is not only peaceful but also entertaining, and sometimes delicious, is through fishing. Could use a few fishing tips? Read on…

Whether at the edge of a pond, in the middle of a lake, or on a protruding rock surrounded by a rushing river, fishing is a fun challenge to occupy yourself with while camping. If you are new to fishing, read more

5 Types of Campers: Which One Are You?

types of campers

By Shelby Kisgen

Many people feel called by the great outdoors. Various personality types, ages, males and females alike enjoy camping. These people also possess widely different views on the best way to camp. Check out the following list and decide from 5 types of campers: which one are you? Regardless of whether you are a combination of types or fit perfectly with one stereotype, camping truly is for everyone.

  1. Glampers: At the top of the list are the controversial “Glampers” or slang term for glamorous campers. The Ultra Minimalists group frowns upon them for bringing so much technology into nature whereas the Glampers argue that camping should be fun, and the fancy gadgets and air beds enhance their overall experience.

How to Spot Them: That delicious scent of steak wafting through the woods, read more

Camping is Fun: 10 Ways to Convince Your Friends

camping is fun

By Shelby Kisgen

If you are reading this, it is probably because you enjoy camping to some degree, or you are trying to figure out what the hype is all about. The bottom line is that camping is not just for men, women enjoy it too. If you believe that, then it is time to start planning you first or hundredth camping trip.

Since a girl’s night out in the woods is a life-changing, friendship-bonding experience, it is best to take along your favorite girls: college friends, work buddies, sister, read more

10 Ways to Entertain Yourself Around the Campfire

Close up of an campfire at night glowing flames

Ideas to entertain yourself around the campfire

By Shelby Kisgen

Picture this: It is the fourth and final night of your camping trip. You have already gossiped about everyone at work, you have used your best jokes, and you are tired and a bit grumpy from not showering. Your group is around the campfire, wondering how to while away the hours until bedtime because you have exhausted your discussion topics on the other three nights. Then you pull out this fabulous list of ideas to entertain yourself read more

Top 10 Trail Etiquette Tips

Trail Etiquette

Trail etiquette is getting more and more important as the numbers of people that wander outdoors continually increases. Check out our list of tips here.

By Shelby Kisgen

  1. Pick a Side: Whichever side the country drives the cars is typically a good rule of thumb that you should also walk on that side of the trail. It creates less confusion and keeps groups in an orderly, single-file line.
  2. The Beauty of Passing: If you are a slow-moving party with
read more

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