Dear Natalie: Oregon Lessons Part 2

Dear Natalie Oregon Lessons Part 2 5

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Do you think we can learn from places?  Anything worth mentioning for an Oregon Lessons, Part 2?


Those who wander


Dear Friends,

Right. I left you hanging last month with the first five-and-a-half lessons I learned from living in Oregon. We have a few more to go.  So let’s dive into Oregon Lessons, Part 2…

  1. There is hardly ever a need to hurry. If I have the presence of mind to wonder, “Should I hurry?” then the answer is no.


Prior to my west coast life, I was an Easterner. read more

15 Death-Defying Hiking Trails

15 Death-Defying Hiking Trails 2

By SJ Baxter

15 Death-Defying Hiking Trails And Cliff Diving Spots For Adventure Junkies

When we think of vacations, we often consider the beach, amusement parks, or even just staying at home and lounging on the bed or sofa.

For others, however, especially for people who love going out on an adventure, going extreme is just the thing to make their vacation fun and memorable.

The goal? Find the next destination that can give them a shot of adrenaline that is legal, painless, and preferably drug-free.

Whether you are the lounge-around-type of person or the extreme-sports junkie, read more

Dear Natalie: Oregon Lessons Part 1

Oregon Lessons Part 1 - 2


By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Do you think we can learn from places?


Those who wander


Dear Wanderers,

I do.

In fact, I have Facebook evidence (we all know that if it’s on Facebook, it’s true). A little over a year ago, I had spiraled quite high into the Siskiyou Mountain Range along a rustic mountain road, and I noticed read more

8 Health Benefits Hiking for you

8 Health Benefits Hiking 1

By Elizabeth Wambui Mathu

The next time you hear a friend invite you for a hike, acknowledge them for bearing in mind your health!

Hiking is a precious activity with great gratification that we do for fun, but do you know that it has numerous health benefits? We do hiking for several reasons, including checking out blogs but at the end of it all, it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It adds to tremendous mental and physical well-being.

Here are some of the health benefits hiking:

Weight Loss

If you are read more

Discover the northeast of Italy

Discover the northeast of Italy 1

By Alessia Morello

Hi girls,

Today I decide to write a different post.

It’s not just a trekking post, it is more a celebration of my homeland.

Discover the northeast of Italy – The place where I’m from

You have to know that my region is not considered much at all in Italy. Sometimes this is sad and sometimes I’m happy for that because we don’t have many tourists that hike and explore our incredible mountains.

I live in the northeast of Italy, in Friuli Venezia read more

The Natural Beauty of Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand

By Nicole Anderson

I had been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful country a couple of times on past trips but my most recent visit (April 2018) took me for the first time to Northern Thailand, which is a stunning contrast to the metropolis of Bangkok and the more popular coastal areas.

Known as the “Rose of the North” Chiang Mai is where I was based, which is quite central to explore all this fabulous region had to offer.  The Chiang Mai region is situated much higher geographically than read more

Great Hikes Down Under

Great Hikes Down Under 1

By Eunise Quintano

The Great Outdoors with Great Hikes Down Under!

In case you did not know – but we’re pretty sure you do, Down Under is Australia. The beautiful country of Australia is filled with hiking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Through dense rain forests, across open plains, over mountain ridges, beside lakes, and oceans – there’s somewhere here for every type of hiker. Looking for great hikes in this part of the world? read more

Crow Peak – where the plains and hills collide

Crow Peak 1

By Robin EH. Bagley

If you’re road-tripping along Interstate 90 in the Great Plains, it’s hard to miss the Black Hills, an island of tree-covered mountains in the middle of an ocean of prairie. The Black Hills, or Paha Sapa to the native peoples of the Northern Plains, are entirely unexpected but offer fantastic hiking and camping opportunities. Plan a stop in Spearfish, South Dakota to hike Crow Peak in the Black Hills National Forest.  Crow Peak dominates the landscape west of Spearfish, read more

Exploring Mount Rogers, Virginia

Exploring Mount Rogers

By Ashley Barlow

Mount Rogers is most famous for being the highest point in Virginia with a height of 5,729 feet (1,746 m) above sea level!

There are a few different trail options you can take leading to the summit. This includes the Elk Garden Trailhead which approaches Mount Rogers from the west and is a 9 mile round trip hike. The Mount Rogers Trail approaches the summit from the north and is 12 miles round trip. The most popular hiking route to the summit is from the south approach located in read more

HIKE IT BABY! Reasons To Get Your Baby Outside

Hike it Baby 1

By Allison Barfield

Shanti Hodges has been an inspiration to thousands across the United States, and it started with her wanting friends in a new city! She invited three new friends on a hike with her newborn and their children. By the end of the month, the group grew to nearly 20 people. She saw the group growing rapidly and decided to do something about it. Hodges had witnessed groups such as these fall apart after a few months and wanted to make sure this would never read more

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