By Ashley Barlow

The First Annual Fjällräven Classic has officially made its way to the US and I am beyond thankful to have been invited out to be a part of this incredible event! Three glorious days and two nights under the glistening stars backpacking through the remote wilderness of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Over 100 people from all over the US came out to this event and trekked 20+ miles in the back country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the 71,000 acres of State Forest State Park. read more

6 Trekking Pole Uses

6 Trekking Pole Uses 4

6 Trekking Pole Uses – of the non-traditional kind.

By Kristi Westberg

I’ll be very honest. It took me quite a while to admit I needed a set of trekking poles.

I used to feel like trekking poles were a sign of weakness, an extra couple of things to carry, and unnecessary to my kind of hiking. BUT the truth is whenever I came to a river crossing or was faced with a steep set of rocks I would often borrow someone else’s poles for extra support and balance.

Several years of this led me read more

5 Reasons to Keep Hiking in the Winter

5 Reasons to Keep Hiking in the Winter 1

Here I share my 5 Reasons to Keep Hiking in the Winter.

By Jessica Shouse

Sure, it’s cold outside, but that’s no reason to stay inside! There seems to be a common misconception that hiking is an activity reserved for the warmer seasons. I respectfully disagree! In fact, winter might be my favorite season to get out and explore the trails: Imagine yourself inside a giant snow globe, surrounded by snow-covered pines and snow-capped peaks. Forest floors are encapsulated by a fluffy white blanket, and silence so serene.

The rewards for winter hiking read more

Bouldering for Babies

Bouldering for Babies 1

Bouldering for Babies – My Story

By Kristi Westberg

First of all, let me say that this story does not involve a small child crag hopping. No children were harmed or even remotely involved in the making of this story, the only harm was to my own ego, which has become somewhat accustomed to the occasional bump and bruise. So the baby in this story is me, not the two thrill-seeking children who managed to out-climb, outmanoeuvre and beat me to the top of read more

Leave-No-Trace Ethics

Curiosity in Leave-No-Trace Ethics 1

By Carley Fairbrother

Is There Room for Curiosity in Leave-No-Trace Ethics?

I want to start off with a story. Bear with me.

My first introduction to habitat destruction was when I was eight years old. The ditch at the end of our driveway was my favourite place to play in the early summer. It contained the densest population of tadpoles I have ever seen to date. Not just any tadpole either – Pacific tree frog tadpoles – my absolute favourite. I spent hours mucking around the ditch, and on rainy days, I’d stay inside and read about frogs. read more

Nature Calling on Line One

Nature Calling on Line One 1

By Kristi Westberg

I have a confession to make.

I’ve never peed outside. (well, at least not until a few weeks ago)

[pausing for shaking heads and most likely eye-rolls]

I didn’t call myself the “Indoorsy Camper” because I like roughin’ it. I dubbed myself the “Indoorsy Camper” because I like to cook lamb tagine (recipe from Melissa Clark….you need to make it!) in my Instant Pot and read more

Hiking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hiking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 1

By Diana Wills

After you’ve been on a hike once, you will keep coming back to it. This is because hiking is such a unique activity that combines all the best that nature has to offer. On one hand, you can do it alone, or with a group of friends, you can pick different terrains that you want to go through and you can go at your own pace, so it’s something that is accessible to almost everyone. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of before you set off. We’ve made the mistakes read more

Dear Natalie: Oregon Lessons Part 2

Dear Natalie Oregon Lessons Part 2 5

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Do you think we can learn from places? Anything worth mentioning for an Oregon Lessons, Part 2?


Those who wander


Dear Friends,

Right. I left you hanging last month with the first five-and-a-half lessons I learned from living in Oregon. We have a few more to go. So let’s dive into Oregon Lessons, Part 2…

  1. There is hardly ever a need to hurry. If I have the presence of mind to wonder, “Should I hurry?” then the answer is no.


Prior to my west coast life, I was an Easterner. I read more

15 Death-Defying Hiking Trails

15 Death-Defying Hiking Trails 2

By SJ Baxter

15 Death-Defying Hiking Trails And Cliff Diving Spots For Adventure Junkies

When we think of vacations, we often consider the beach, amusement parks, or even just staying at home and lounging on the bed or sofa.

For others, however, especially for people who love going out on an adventure, going extreme is just the thing to make their vacation fun and memorable.

The goal? Find the next destination that can give them a shot of adrenaline that is legal, painless, and preferably drug-free.

Whether you are the lounge-around-type of person or the extreme-sports junkie, read more

Dear Natalie: Oregon Lessons Part 1

Oregon Lessons Part 1 - 2


By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Do you think we can learn from places?


Those who wander


Dear Wanderers,

I do.

In fact, I have Facebook evidence (we all know that if it’s on Facebook, it’s true). A little over a year ago, I had spiraled quite high into the Siskiyou Mountain Range along a rustic mountain road, and I noticed read more

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