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Carley Fairbrother

Naturalist, Adventurer, Educator

British Columbia, Canada 

Carley Fairbrother has a passion for connecting people with nature. She grew up catching frogs and wandering through the temperate rainforest of the Canadian Pacific Northwest. After studying Fish and Wildlife at university, she worked in various outdoorsy jobs – an outdoor education leader, a fisheries technician, and a field researcher assistant – before getting a job as a backcountry park ranger in remote northern British Columbia. She spent a few years in love with the work until she started finding herself spending too much time in the office. She decided to go back into outdoor education and returned to school for her Bachelor of Education.

Carley now teaches elementary students science and nature studies. She also runs a YouTube channel, The Last Grownup in the Woods, to teach people about nature then and inspire them to go outside and connect with nature.


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She used to be a keen solo adventurer and traveler, but she found such a great adventuring partner that she decided to marry him. Together they climb, canoe, hike, cycle, and backpack. They recently returned home from a trekking trip to India.

While Carley has travelled throughout the world, the mountains and forests of British Columbia are her favourite place in the world.

Carley especially loves foraging. In her videos, she shares her adventures in preparing and sampling wild foods. Her favourite it cattail roots and ants, and her least favourite is slugs.


Check out the Last Grownup in the Woods – YouTube Channel Trailer:


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