Using Menstrual Cups While Camping

menstrual cups

9 Points About Using Menstrual Cups While Camping on Your Period

By Phoebe Hodina

Menstrual Cups: Because your period shouldn’t ever hold you back. Period.

Thinking of using menstrual cups on your adventures in the great outdoors (or anywhere for that matter)? Here are nine points to consider.

1. The cup is better for Mother Earth.

In a lifetime, the average female uses between read more

Repel Mosquitos from Your Campsite, Naturally


By Phoebe Hodina

Dealing with mosquitos

While the mosquito is a part of the ecosystem, it’s probably our least favorite part. Additionally, heavy exposure to DEET has been linked to all kinds of symptoms such as: headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, shortness of breath, and is particularly toxic for small children.

Here are some other, more natural options.


Lavender not only smells fabulous—but it’s great for repelling mosquitoes as well!

read more

7 Unique Getaways for Outdoor Adventurers

Unique Getaways 1

By Phoebe Hodina

Searching for unique getaways that still have a connection to the great outdoors? Well being in nature doesn’t always have to include a tent. Sometimes it can be a yurt, igloo or treehouse!

Unique getaways that give you a totally different experience

Here’s a list of retreats that will give you some great stories not only from their locale but from your accommodations as well! Some are a little more rustic than others, but all are completely original.


Yurts (also known as ghers) are traditional to Central Asia and were popular with nomadic read more

The Colorado Trail: Hiking Review

The Colorado Trail 1

By Phoebe Hodina

Options of getting there:

By air and/or car.

Best time(s) to visit:

July has the best wildflowers, and summer months are usually the best times to visit if you’re going to camp. The fall can be lovely but maybe a bit chillier.

Climate/weather/temperature & appropriate dress:

In the mountains, be aware that temperatures can vary quite a bit from night to day. Dress in comfortable, moisture-wicking layers and prepare for rain and shine.

Main attractions/Must dos:

The Colorado Trail runs almost 500 miles from Denver to Durango and is divided into 28 segments. From the trails, there are multiple points to read more

Here’s the Skinny on Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping 4

By Phoebe Hodina

Picture this: You’ve been hiking a long, arduous trail. You’re tired, but the sun is shining and the view is gorgeous. You come across a crystal blue lake, sparkling in the summer sun. Perhaps you are with some adventure-seeking friends, and other than your companions, nobody is around. It’s the perfect opportunity, it’s your moment.

Do you bare all and take the plunge?

“Not my style, I’m good thanks!”
You admire the view, then continue on your path. The thought crosses your mind that you read more

Hammock-ing Me Crazy: What you need to know about hammock camping

hammock camping

By Phoebe Hodina

Forget the heavy tent, a stick in your back, and the dirt tracked into your living space. Hammock camping gets you off the ground and into the trees! But, there are need-to-know elements to this trend. Learn insider information about how to get the most out of your experience.

The Gear: Camping hammocks take up about the same amount of space as a sweater, and are extremely lightweight. Hammock camping with a simple, gathered-end hammock can be more minimalistic than tent camping. read more

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