Cute Romantic Gestures For Hiking Lovers

Romantic 1

Cute romantic gestures and hiking…is there a better combination in the great outdoors?

By Oceana Setaysha

Hiking is a wonderful activity to do with someone you love. If you and your partner both love to hike, it can be fun to bring a bit more romance into your hiking adventures, providing some guidelines are followed. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ideas for read more

Camping and Hiking on your Period

Period 1

By Oceana Setaysha

Don’t let your period slow you down!

If you’re an active, outdoorsy type, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to schedule your hiking and camping around your period. It always seems to arrive at the least opportune time, and nobody wants to miss out on their fix of outdoor adventures.

But who says you have to miss anything?

It’s actually totally possible to both camp and hike while you’re on your period, and there’s no reason to cancel or reschedule a trip just because you happen to be on ‘shark read more

What you must have in your First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit 1

By Oceana Setaysha

A first aid kit is a must-carry for any hiker or camper who understands and respects the wild environment they are exploring. Regardless of the length of your trip, how far you will be traveling, or whether you’ll be going alone or with companions, you should have a personal first aid kit at the very least.

Why Build Your Own First Aid Kit

While you can certainly buy first aid kits in most pharmacies, outdoor equipment stores and online, there are a number of benefits associated with putting your own first read more

Camping in Less Developed Areas: A Simple Guide

Less developed areas 1

By Oceana Setaysha

Camping in less developed areas can have its fair share of challenges. Here are some things to consider before you travel to a non-traditional camping destination.

Explaining Camping In Spots People Don’t Camp

There are so many things to love about camping. However despite its ubiquitous nature in many Western countries, it’s not practiced widely all over the world.

That means that sometimes when you go to other countries, often less developed areas, it can be difficult to explain what camping is, and why you want to do read more

Longer Camping Set Up Suggestions

longer camping 1

By Oceana Setaysha

Camping is a great way to spend a weekend, but every now and then you get the urge to just set up somewhere and enjoy it. Maybe you’ll stay for a week or two, maybe for the entire summer, but the fact is that setting up for longer camping is a bit different than setting up somewhere short-term. So, here are some suggestions to get your long-term campsite comfy and cosy for an extended stay.

Get Your Kitchen Set Up Right

Things that you can put up within the short-term, will absolutely drive you crazy the read more

Haven’t Heard About Geocaching?

Geocaching 1

By Oceana Setaysha

It’s A Camping Activity You’ll Love!

If you’re an outdoors person, if you love camping, hiking and long walks out in the wilderness to nowhere in particular, then we have a new hobby you’re going to love. Not only does it fit perfectly into all the things you already enjoy, it actually improves them, helping you find unusual and hidden places you may not have come across otherwise.

It’s called geocaching.

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is the world’s biggest treasure hunt.

Or at least, that’s what how the read more

Romantic Camping Date Ideas

Romantic Camping Date 1

By Oceana Setaysha

Modern life is busy, and sometimes you feel like you don’t have any time to just sit back and enjoy yourself with someone that you care about. Luckily, you can go camping, and enjoy a day or two with that special someone away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

So, how do you make those camping adventures really special? Well, we have a couple of ideas that will help you create a super memorable and romantic camping date.

Pick Somewhere Secluded

The last thing you want on your date is read more

Baby Carrying On Your Next Hike

Baby Carrier 1

By Oceana Setaysha

When you bring a little person into your life it’s easy for parents to think that many of the activities they used to enjoy are off-limits. But the truth is that with some pre-planning and a little bit of advice you can do anything with your baby, even hiking. We’ve put together our best tips and advice for parents who want to baby carry on their next hike, to get you back on the trails!

Get The Right Baby Carrier

The first step to having a successful hike with your baby is to get the right carrier. read more

Planned Itinerary Notification is a key survival tool

Planned Itinerary Notification

Don’t Leave Home Without Lodging A Planned Itinerary Notification!

By Oceana Setaysha

Most people, even passionate outdoors people, believe that survival in the wild during an emergency situation is all about your wilderness skills. But did you know that one of the best things you can do to ensure your survival if something goes wrong is actually done in the preparation stage?

We call it the P.I.N. It means Planned Itinerary Notification, and it’s a document that you can fill out prior to your read more

Camping with Children: All you need to know

Camping with children

By Oceana Setaysha

For many, the idea of camping with children is a far off dream that, in reality, has proven to be something of a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Plan The Trip Together

The first step for getting kids involved, no matter their age, is to involve them in the planning process. Kids will always feel more like they ‘own’ the trip if they’ve had a hand in planning it. Talk to them about the activities you might do, the food you might eat, and the games you’ll play in the car. read more

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