Taking timeout during recovery

5 Must-Have Hygiene Essentials for Camping

Taking timeout during recovery is so important to the healing process

By Michelle Peterson

When you’re in the process of recovering from an addiction, the more you can focus on treatment and avoid stressors and triggers, the better off you’ll be. With that in mind, taking a camping sabbatical can help to ensure your success. Here’s some practical advice for taking time for yourself so you can make positive changes.

Time to Regroup

Are you considering getting away from it all so you can regroup? Taking read more

Go for a Budget-Friendly Weekend Jaunt

Go for a Budget-Friendly Weekend Jaunt and feel so much better for it.

By Michelle Peterson

While indoor entertainment can help you decrease your stress levels and relax after a hard day at work, there are few things better for you than being outdoors. The combination of natural light, fresh air, and physical activity make outdoor experiences a great way to spend your weekend while keeping yourself healthy. If you’re interested in going on a weekend trip, look no further – here are some read more

Sober Vacation Planning Advice

By Michelle Peterson

Sober Vacation Planning Advice for People in Addiction Recovery

Vacation can be a great way to promote recovery, but it can also add undue stress and temptation to your fight against addiction. This is why it’s important to plan your vacation carefully. In order to benefit from your holiday, you must take steps to reduce stress and avoid places where you’ll be tempted by substances. Here’s how to plan the perfect sober vacation so you can come home feeling rejuvenated and ready to face your new and improved life.

Consider Joining a Specialized Retreat

According read more

The Great Outdoors and Addiction Recovery

The Great Outdoors and Addiction Recovery

By Michelle Peterson

When a person suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, their substance abuse disconnects them from the rest of the world. People lose romantic relationships, friends, and family. Drugs and alcohol end up wreaking havoc on both their physical and mental health.

How to Treat Addiction

Most health professionals now regard addiction as a disease. Like many read more

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