10 Nature Craft Ideas

10 nature craft ideas 10

By Bryony Sumner

We love getting out and about in nature with our 2 boys. Earlier this year we wrote about our favourite nature play ideas and we were so inspired by all the lovely comments from like-minded outdoor lovers that we wanted to share some more of our outdoor play ideas.

I’ve always been a craft lover – but the idea of buying materials to create artwork with the kids that then just gets thrown away doesn’t feel great to me – especially when a lot of art and craft kits are made read more

Nature Play Ideas for Kids Enjoyment

Nature Play Ideas 2

By Bryony Sumner

When we were packing up our house to set off on our camping adventure around Australia one of the things that shocked me the most was how many toys we owned! Our boys were only aged 1 and 2 at the time – so in just 2 short years we had gathered enough playthings to start a sub-branch of Toys-R-Us! And the ironic thing was that the boys were always at their happiest when playing in the garden, finding the longest stick, or pulling all the dishes out of read more

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