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The Camping for Women team is a small, tight-knit group of people who all love the great outdoors and enjoy interacting with other like-minded women around the world.

Here are the people who work hard to produce the best resources possible for Women Outdoor Adventurers, together with a bit about what they do in their roles…



Meet Our Team - Nicole AndersonNicole Anderson

Founder and Publisher

Website/publications editor and coordinator between all contributors, subscribers, gear suppliers and advertisers.



Ally Adamson

Marketing – SEO

Senior SEO Specialist with UpWeb, Ally’s work is key to our success. She ensures we are able to be found on the web via Google and other relevant search engines.



Clarice Lao

Reader Engagement

Content distribution for discussion, response and increased appreciation of women in the great outdoors.



Meet Our Team - Corinna EssaCorinna Essa

Social Media

Management of distribution, growth and awareness of our platform and mission via Social Media mediums.



Meet Our Team - Sharon MareeSharon Maree

Publications & Food, Cooking and Nutrition

Qualified nutritionist, caterer, cookery teacher, Sharon authors Camping for Women cookbooks as well as oversees publications’ design.


Meet Our Team - Natalie McCarthy

Natalie McCarthy

Resident Columnist

Qualified practising social worker and women’s outdoor activist running her own “Ask Natalie” column, providing advice to fellow outdoor women adventurers.



Monique Nelson

Graphic Designer

Monique puts together Camping for Women’s publications so they look good and are reader-friendly.



Jessica ShouseJessica Shouse

Resident Reviewer

Objective assessment and testing of products and services provided by the outdoor, recreation and tourism sectors and sharing findings from the consumer viewpoint.




Check out all our premium/multiple contributors which are all showcased here

Our sincere appreciation and thanks also go to casual contributors who have shared so much for our ever-growing community of readers and subscribers.


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