Choosing the best camping shoes for you

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By Shelby Kisgen

Shoe time is a woman’s favorite time. What is it about women and shoes? While that mystery shall remain unsolved, it is important to pick the right shoes when going camping. While you might love all your little leather babies, some are better suited for camping than others. When packing your bags, make sure you consider which shoes to choose for camping by considering these tips first.


Walking Shoes: Whether you plan to hike or not, camping involves lots of time walking and standing as you set up camp. Tennis shoes are good for meandering around the camp and on well-kept trails.


Hiking Boots: If you plan to hike steep or rocky terrain, investing in a pair of hiking shoes is a good idea. While tennis shoes are good for easy trails, hiking boots are built specifically for mountainous terrain. They feature durable bottoms that protect your feet from rocks. The sides come up higher on the leg which prevents rolling an ankle from fatigue or a misplaced foot. The laces and exteriors are made of tough yet breathable material. Many are water-proof and all provide ultimate traction, especially on slick surfaces.
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Running Shoes: If you plan to trail run, invest in a pair of lighter trail shoes. Running in tennis shoes might not provide enough traction. Hiking boots are too stiff, inflexible, and heavy for the light-footed running necessary to pick around rocks on a trail. There are a plethora of running trail shoes available in fancy colors and styles.
Water Shoes: If you are camping near a lake or river and plan to fish or wade across any body of water, water shoes can be beneficial. Or if you want to kayak or canoe, water shoes are helpful when putting the raft in the water. They protect your feet from the sharp rocks on the bottom, and keep them slightly warmer in that cold mountain water. Water shoes do not have to be expensive; most stores carry some version for the summer months. Any shoe with a mesh outside and rubber sole will do the job.


Camp Shoes: These shoes can be flip-flops, house slippers, or beat-up sneakers, whatever you want. These are the shoes that you put on at the end of the day to hug your feet. These are shoes you want to wear after a day of hard hiking or freezing in the water. Camp shoes should be your favorite, most comfortable shoes. They should also be old enough that you do not worry if you drop gooey marshmallows on the toe, or if they smell like campfire when you get home. *These shoes also double as the walking shoes mentioned first if you need extra space.*


As women with lots of shoes from choose from, picking which to take camping can be difficult. On the plus side, since heels are not suitable, it gives us an excuse to add more shoe variety to our wardrobe. So if you do not have these options at home, get shopping and buy some new shoes! When you combine shoe-shopping with camping, it is bound to be a good weekend.

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