Staying glam while camping in the wilderness

Happy Glam woman by her tent.

Even ‘roughing it’ in nature does not have to stop you staying glam!

By Betsy Green

Our love of the great outdoors can often be a little less fun when we feel like we have to sacrifice some of our beauty essentials and simply can’t feel as great as we usually do.

Sometimes as women, we can be a little disgruntled about camping as we feel that we simply can’t maintain our usual high standards of living. We love to keep our hair fresh and our makeup flawless, even when we are lying underneath the stars.

The good news? You can still be the most fabulous version of you possible while enjoying the great outdoors and all the wonderful life experiences camping has to offer.


Enjoy luscious locks – every day

Dry ShampooFancy having a beautiful, fresh head of hair every day that isn’t greasy or dirty? We understand that camping can’t always offer you that gorgeous hot shower or bath you and your hair needs which can lead to a tad of frustration cant it ladies.

Say hello to your new best friend, DRY SHAMPOO. Dry shampoo is incredible for taking camping. A quick spray leaves your hair feeling fresh, fragrant and clean. Dry shampoo gives it texture and eliminates grease making it the perfect addition to and glam traveller’s luggage.


A bath in your handbag

Fresh bath wipesWe all know that feeling when we get a little bit grubby when camping if we haven’t had enough access to hot water. The best thing you can do to ensure you stay, look and feel fresh is to make sure you have some fresh bath wipes.

These wipes can be used all over your body so you can clean yourself from head to toe without having any embarrassing walks to and from the camp showers. You will feel fresh while smelling delicately fragrant.


Portable urination device

uriwellOk ladies, we all know that sometimes when camping in the middle of the night we are caught short and we simply hate emptying our bladders into a bucket – but hey it beats running across a dark campsite in the dark! Not only is peeing into a bucket awkward it isn’t exactly quiet either.

Your perfect solution – a portable urination device such as a Uriwell or Go Girl. A Uriwell is a portable urination device which is discreet and can go into your rucksack easily so not only can you use it in your tent you can take it on your travels too should you be out on a trek or long walking expedition. Its unique design includes a hermetically sealed lid minimising odours and spills.



The holy trinity of Glam makeup essentials

If you love wearing your makeup and cannot stand being without then when you go camping you need to take 3 essentials – all of which will stay put and keep you feeling confident and glamorous.

waterproof mascaraFirstly, a waterproof mascara is a must. This will keep you looking glam even if it rains and will stay on all day. Another option is getting semi-permanent lashes glued in at your local salon.

Secondly, a super stay lipstick will ensure you keep your colour all day long with one application!

Last but not least, a tinted moisturiser. This is better than a foundation when camping because it keeps your face moisturised but ensures you get that flawless look.

With these 3 items, you can ensure you feel as fresh as a daisy without bringing your whole makeup bag and more!


Ladies, camping doesn’t have to mean you have to be a grubby version of yourself! You can stay beautiful and glamorous for the whole duration of your amazing trip enjoying the great outdoors!

staying glam


Guest Author

Betsy Green is from East Yorkshire, England and is a lover of all things outdoors, a keen camping enthusiast and a lover of nature and vegetarian.

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