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A lot of work goes into promoting contributing writers at Camping for Women. As soon as your post is published, we distribute your work out directly to our regular readers and subscribers as well as on our social media and other relevant channels.

The broader we can circulate your post, the more people will see it, read it, like it, share it and comment their thoughts on what has been published.

All of our marketing activities to promote your post(s) help us achieve our mission to “empower and support women globally by providing an effective platform for information, resources and interaction aimed at maximizing enjoyment and benefit from the great outdoors on their terms”. We see our role in promoting every contributor as an important part of achieving that mission.

However, there are a few things that contributors can also do to ensure that posts continue to grow in their popularity as more women search for information on the outdoors via Google and other search engines.



You can help us to get more people reading your article/post

There are some things you can do that will definitely help grow your posts’ visibility.

Plan a detailed post

The first most significant thing you can do is to plan quality content for your article. There needs to be genuine value provided to the reader, which usually means avoiding short, snappy articles that don’t really convey much information.

If you really want your work to be ranked highly in the search engines, then remember that the average page that is listed on page one of Google has 1,890 words! Therefore the more value, detail and information you can include, the more likely your article will be to receive greater exposure over the long term. Shoot for around 2000 or more words if you can, but make the content valuable and relevant for the reader. Do not just add ‘padding’ to stretch an article or post.

A really good technique for planning out your word count is to start laying out your headings and subheadings first according to the content of the main topic you have to share. Once you have done this, it becomes an easier process to fill in the detail of each heading and subheading. For ease of reading, please ensure headings/subheadings contain less than 300 words each.


Once your draft is complete

Having completed a draft article/post that you are happy with, there are steps you can then to ensure your work is  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. This means your post will be more easily found online, long after this has been published and initially promoted.

Doing this involves five very straight-forward and easy steps:


  1. Decide which ‘keywords’ (a short number of words or phrase) you would like to have for your post. Let us know what your keywords are when you submit your post.


  1. Ensure that you include subheadings within your post and that one of these includes your keywords. If your heading also includes your keywords, that is absolutely outstanding!


  1. Include your keywords within the body of your post. These should appear to flow naturally within the text and not appear too many times or look like they have been ‘inserted’.


  1. Include images with your post together with captions. Try to use jpeg format for images where possible and include your keywords within 1 of the image captions.


  1. Where possible, include a link to another relevant post within the Camping for Women website as well as to a reputable, external site that provides value to readers. This helps with SEO.


Ensuring you include the above within your post(s) will definitely help us to keep people appreciating your material for a long time to come. These steps above will enhance your posts’ standing and ranking with Google and other search engines.


You can see a list of some of the keywords that Camping for Women is currently ranking articles for below. Your keywords should be different from these and relevant to your topic.



Examples of Keywords currently targeted for ranking in search engines:

being an outdoor woman

outdoor travel

benefits of hiking

outdoor travel locations

best first aid kit for camping

outdoors first aid kit

best outdoor travel destinations

romantic camping

camping articles

solo female camping

camping blog

solo travel for women

camping clothes

wilderness safety

camping cookbook

wilderness survival

camping essentials for women

winter camping with baby

camping first aid guide

women camping

camping first aid kit

women caravaners

camping ideas for couples

women hiking

camping wear

women motorhome travel

natural beauty

women outdoor adventures

nature based travel

women remote solo travel

outdoor activities

women safety outdoors

outdoor activities for women

women travel and adventure

outdoor blogs

women trekking

outdoor gear review

womens camping groups

outdoor recreational activities



SEO: The Bottom Line

Thank you again for working with us to the benefit of fellow outdoor women adventurers. If you have any questions at all about the above, please direct them to Nicole Anderson at her email [email protected] and she will be happy to assist.

However, if the above information sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. We are also able to assist by making necessary adjustments to ensure your posts are “SEO Friendly” prior to publication.


There is nothing we would love more than for your post(s) to become and remain popular!


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