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Welcome to our online shopping portal facilitated through Amazon.

Shopping with the Global Outdoor Adventure Store is easy.

“More stuff than any physical store can hold”…

Just use the search bar below to view items that most interest you.

Alternatively select your choice of the various categories to browse through the massive selection that is currently available. Most categories have multiple products to view, displaying 9 items per page.



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About the Global Outdoor Adventure Store

Launched on 1 September 2016, the Global Outdoor Adventure Store was the result of months of searching for the best and most comprehensive option for women around the world.

In putting together the store, Camping for Women carefully considered the feedback of subscribers. Women were very clear about all the things they wanted from an online store.

These things included:

Relevancy – Not wanting to wade through items that had nothing to do with the great outdoors.

Range – Maximum choice with regard to quality and brands that could be easily compared.

Value – A platform that was large enough to be competitive and offer specials.

Categories – Organizing products in a way that can be easily found.

Product Information – Including detailed data on any technical specifications as well as product reviews and the ability for subscribers to leave their own reviews.

Secure Ordering – Shoppers to be confident that their purchase information remains safe and protected.

Distribution – Knowing that storage, fulfilment and dispatch will be reliable with shipping available to anywhere in the world.

User-friendly – Store layout and navigation to be easy to follow and switch between categories. That the shopping cart and check out process is simple, with the platform usable on multiple devices.

Consumer Protection – Giving shoppers the peace of mind with all of the safeguards provided by a company such as Amazon.

Customer Service – Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via online help, backed up by a live chat service to provide any assistance needed.

Trust, Reliability, Brand reputation – To work with a respected market leader.

The selection of Amazon as a partner with Camping for Women was an option that met all the above factors that women campers and adventurers wanted.

More detail:

Further information about all the features and origin of Camping for Women’s Global Outdoor Adventure Store is available from the Camping for Women blog entry posted on the day of the launch by clicking here.

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