What you will never be taught about camping

Attention Women Campers: What you will never be taught about camping is Camping for Women’s first published eBook offered free to subscribers.

By Nicole Anderson

At the same time as producing its first publication, the Camping for Women website (www.campingforwomen.com) also launches its free subscription service today, open to all interested campers across the globe!

The website now has a self-explanatory sign-up area to receive the eBook free together with future updates on blog entries, news, offers and other information of interests to us lady campers. All people have to do is spend 10 seconds maximum entering their details and hey presto…they are automatically registered as a subscriber and receive the eBook!

As mentioned above, the new eBook is an information resource entitled ‘Attention Women Campers: What you will never be taught about camping’.

Written by a fellow woman camper, this is the first tailored eBook written for the site and will only be made available free to subscribers.

The main contents of the eBook include the following broad areas, all presented entirely from a woman’s perspective:

  • Before you Camp
  • Shelter and Bedding
  • What to Bring
  • Activities
  • Cleaning up

The Author of ‘Attention Women Campers: What you will never be taught about camping’ is Amanda Parent who is a woman camper, writer and researcher from France. Whereas most camping information is written by men, here is something written by a woman camper focused on the needs of women campers.

This eBook is the first in a series that will be created utilising the skills, knowledge and talents of fellow women campers who have so much to share with their counterparts. There are so many areas that women campers can look forward to sharing with their counterparts. Camping for Women is about creating a platform and a number of resources from this information, aimed at enhancing our nature experiences. Whether this is a single recipe, campfire, hiking, kayaking or photography tip – or you feel you would like to publish something more substantial with us, drop us a line and let us know. You can do so publically by commenting on this post, or privately by dropping us a line on the ‘contact’ page.

Articles written by women campers will be regularly published with subscribers receiving these straight to their inbox. These articles will be added to by a range of other information over time, without overloading anyone with too much information at once.

So sign up as a subscriber, get involved and enjoy delving into your passion of the great outdoors!


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