Essential Camping Clothes for the Seasons

Camping clothes and achieving a good balance

By Stephanie McHugh

Camping clothes and different perspectives

Women are usually in three basic camps when it comes to the way they look on outdoor excursions.

Many favor throwing fashion out the window and dressing in their favourite sweatshirt or whatever is most comfortable.

Serious campers focus on function, to be sure their camping clothes perfectly accommodate their adventure.

Then there are the campers who also happen to be lovers of fashion. Why should nature be the only thing worth gawking at, after all? The fashionista camper is also savvy enough to know that stylish clothes perfect for the woods are not ideal for the mall.

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Camping fashion for all seasons, above all, should be non-fussy. The following are practical tips that can be adapted for fashion-conscience campers.


Hair and Makeup for all Seasons

Spending a significant amount of time applying makeup is a camping faux pas. The natural look is far more fitting for full-on nature settings. Stick with the usual daily moisturizers and perhaps add some tinted BB Cream with UV protection, maybe a bit of waterproof mascara, and whatever small touches are required to make your natural beauty pop. Then, for the rest of the day, follow one of the cardinal rules of camping, which is: Don’t worry about your looks.

Give some thought ahead of time to what you will do with your hair since there won’t be a daily shampoo and blow-dry. Ponytails and messy buns are ideal, and wearing a cute camping hat is also perfect. Whether it’s a funky cowboy hat, a cute version of the Indiana Jones hat, or some other style, a hat also serves to provide sun protection.


Winter Camping Fashion

Wear thin, warm layers in winter, and make the first layer cute thermals. Wool is perfect for the middle layer because it retains heat, but many other amazing fabrics are also available today that enhance the winter camping experience. A warm hat is important, and it should provide ear coverage and a dead-air insulating function. Inside of your winter walking boots should be some special socks that reduce moisture, aren’t too tight, and are made for warmth in winter.

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Wearing down booties inside your boots is another excellent option. Winter camping clothes outerwear is designed to provide warmth with minimal bulk, to enhance the hiking experience. Mittens are better than gloves, though mitten-gloves are the best option. They will all cover your nail style, but some sacrifices are unavoidable.


Spring and Fall Camping Fashion

The mildest weather for camping is typically experienced in spring and fall. Since major bundling isn’t required, there’s a lot more room to choose clothes that are both functional and flattering. During the day, lightweight denim or twill shorts or pants are ideal.

It may be warm enough to wear a tank top for part of the day, but a long sleeve top for outerwear is also recommended. A sweatshirt with a hood is best for evening and morning, along with thermal tops and leggings. Transitional heat may be needed. Be prepared with wool socks, gloves, lightweight jacket, and a hat.


Summer Camping Fashion

A great way to be stylish on a camping trip in summer is with a breathable lightweight jacket over a tank top. Some styles of jacket provide a little extra protection from the sun and from pesky bugs. If your hike warms you up too much, it won’t weigh down your pack if you need to remove the jacket. Adorable styles of vented hiking boots are available to keep your feet cool in the heat. For lounging around the campsite, wear cute sandals with grips on the bottom. Bandanas with high style are available that also provide extra protection from insects and UV rays. Of course, pack your favorite swimsuit.

What we wear can definitely enhance or detract from our camping experience, and injecting elements of fashion and style is to enjoy the best of two worlds.


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Stephanie McHugh went on camping vacations every summer when she was growing up in Southeast Texas. The camping bug stuck. Her own family camps each year, and hiking is enjoyed year-round. The Texas Hill Country on the Frio River is one of many favorite destinations. Stephanie is already living the dream of writing for a living, as her newspaper-editor lover-of-camping dad did. The next dream is to live closer to scenic, hilly hiking trails. She currently lives in the flatlands of Houston, Texas.

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    As I get into the thoughts of starting camping the more I get involved with this site. All the tips here are valuable and some thought for the mind before your trip. clothing is essential and there is no way you could survive a camping session without the right clothing. thanks for the tips and a great post yet again.


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