Magretha Palepale, Producer “Ask Natalie” Program

Magretha Palepale

Magretha “Mo” Palepale

Founder: Adventure Some Women, Producer: “Ask Natalie” program, Adventurer, Camper, Hiker.

Pennsylvania, USA.

Magretha “Mo” Palepale was born in the Philippines. Her family were relocated to Kodiak Island, AK after her father’s tenure on the Alaska Pipeline was terminated.

Growing up in a small fishing village afforded her childhood to be an adventure wonderland. However, growing up and becoming more inundated with the daily grind of life, she lost her adventurous nature and found herself at an obese weight for her height in her late 20’s. She missed being outdoors and exploring, but felt she didn’t belong in the outdoors community due to her size.

After struggling with diet and exercise for years, she finally committed and lost 100lbs in her mid-30’s. She picked up snowboarding, mountain biking and anything else that was human powered and “reclaimed herself”.

Magretha understands what it feels like to not feel accepted, to be scared to try something new, and how easy it is to give in to negativity.

So, she founded Adventure Some Women in June 2016 as an outlet for women to face their fears, find mentorship, and grow relationships with other outdoor women.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner, there’s a place for you in this community to inspire and be inspired. We are a network of adventurous women for adventuring women!


Magretha’s also has a personal website where she shares some great personal perspectives of her relationship with the outdoors.

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